Xeppaa out of Rap Gang; team looks towards TenZ or mada

Xeppaa exploring other options for Season 33 has prompted a shakeup in both teams.

Dust2.us has learned that Erick "Xeppaa" Bach has been removed from Rap Gang's lineup, and that the team are currently looking at former Cloud9 player Tyson "TenZ" Ngo or former Big Frames player Adam "mada" Pampuch as potential replacements. Additionally, Rap Gang are reportedly closing in on joining a new organization.

A source from within Rap Gang told Dust2.us that Xeppaa was cut from the team after revealing that he had tried out with at least two other teams. As a result of this change, Rap Gang recently played Mythic Cup #5 with TenZ as a stand-in while also looking to enlist him on a permanent basis. 

This move would require a loan from Cloud9 as the player is still under contract after joining the team back in July. If this move were to come to fruition, it would reunite TenZ with Jeff "RZU" Ngo and Josh "shinobi" Abastado, with the trio having played together on Bad News Bears.

Another potential option Rap Gang are currently exploring is mada, with the player making his exit from Big Frames just after debuting with the team last night during Mythic Cup #5. 

For now, the two teams are as follows:

United States Big Frames United States Rap Gang
  • United States Andy "devastation" Parr
  • United States Liam "Welshy" Newhouse
  • United States Matthew "nero" Seymour
  • United States Nolan "bite" Hunstad
  • United States Nick "nylee" Lee (Coach)
  • Canada Justin "FaNg" Coakley
  • United States Brendan "Bwills" Williams
  • United States Josh "shinobi" Abastado
  • United States Jeff "RZU" Ngo
  • United States Jared "MAC-1" Schneider (Coach)

Both teams will have to act fast to find a fifth player as MDL Season 33 is set to begin on January 13th.

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