Just Swing and Rap Gang make changes as final week of MDL Season 32 looms

Even with the roster lock in effect teams are still finding ways to make changes.

After adjusting their roster less than a week ago, Just Swing have made another change as Tommy "Axed" Ryan has stepped down from the team and been replaced by Quintin "dolphy" Madsen.

dolphy is no stranger to Just Swing, having been on their roster as a backup player since Season 31, with him recently playing a number of matches as a stand-in. With dolphy, Just Swing has finally picked up their first win of the season, besting Rap Gang 19-17 in a close overtime match. However, the team still sit at a 3-8 record and will need to win at least two of their next six games to have chance of avoiding relegation.

Just Swing's roster is now:

  • United States Joel "jcrueL" Cruel
  • Canada Adam "Ange" Milian
  • United States Chris "Slash" Petersen
  • United States Carlos "maazy" Bandle
  • United States Quintin "dolphy" Madsen

As for Rap Gang, Kevin "4pack" Przypasniak has also stepped down from his team and will be replaced by Jeff "RZU" Ngo. This move marks the return of RZU to active duty as the young player has spent the last four months on the sidelines after being benched from Riot Squad. Dust2.us has learned that RZU is now a free agent after his contract expired in September.

RZU's addition to Rap Gang reunites him with Josh "shinobi" Abastado, with the duo having previously played together on Bad News Bears. 

With RZU, Rap Gang are now:

  • Canada Justin "FaNg" Coakley
  • United States Erick "Xeppaa" Bach
  • United States Brendan "Bwills" Williams
  • United States Josh "shinobi" Abastado
  • United States Jeff "RZU" Ngo
  • United States Anhduy "nguyen" Nguyen (Coach)

Rap Gang currently sit at a 4-7 record in MDL, teetering on the edge of being relegated. Like Just Swing, if they wish to avoid that fate they will need to put in strong performances in the last week of the regular season.

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