Tc will be proud of his men for how they performed this week.

It takes Major winners to beat Complexity

Complexity magical and impressive Katowice run ends at the hands of the IEM Rio Major champions.

Forced to play a second BO3 in one day, and not able to prepare adequately for their next opponents, Complexity were in an off position compared to almost every other team that played in Katowice. Outsiders, with all the experience of the world and coming off of a World Championship winning performance at IEM Rio, were the favorites to progress onto the Spodek.

The game looked to start off in Complexity's advantage as the map veto let Anubis and Overpass through, two maps that Complexity has excelled on recently. Complexity got their map on Anubis first, but it wasn't the easiest of contests as their defense was penetrated constantly as the Americans could only take eight rounds from the first half.

When put to the T-side, Complexity performed sluggish - failing to get going until their backs were against the wall and forcing overtime after a series of back-and-forth clutch rounds. In Overtime, Complexity would not be able to win a single round, losing out 19-15.

Heading into Outsiders' pick of Overpass, Complexity were once again on the back foot as they started out as the CT side. They were feel behind quickly, only to recover and close the gap to a 7-8 scoreline. However, Complexity's T-sides were from another planet as the overwhelmed the Major champs as they secure their opponent's pick 16-13.

Inferno came, with it all on the line for both the Russians and the Americans as they look to go to the Spodek. Complexity were playing lights out CT-side, despite going down 4-1 to begin the game. It quickly became a 9-6 half, thanks to several clutch performances and even Dzhami "jame" Ali's jumping death placing the bomb on porch, giving Complexity the round.

Complexity had the momentum, but they could not seem to get enough going on their T-side, struggling to gather rounds late in the game as Outsiders win the map 16-13 and take the match, 2-1.

2 - 1
All maps
Outsiders K - D +/- ADR KAST Rating 2.0
Dzhami 'Jame' Ali 59 - 38 +21 65.0 82.6% 1.28
Evgenii 'FL1T' Lebedev 65 - 56 +9 83.4 79.3% 1.21
Petr 'fame' Bolyshev 54 - 48 +6 70.4 76.1% 1.11
Aleksandr 'KaiR0N-' Anashkin 67 - 60 +7 75.9 66.3% 1.07
Alexey 'Qikert' Golubev 57 - 59 -2 71.5 72.8% 1.06
Complexity K - D +/- ADR KAST Rating 2.0
United States Michael 'Grim' Wince 68 - 57 +11 77.8 75.0% 1.18
United States Ricky 'floppy' Kemery 52 - 57 -5 61.1 70.7% 0.88
Håkon 'hallzerk' Fjærli 52 - 59 -7 61.8 64.1% 0.88
Johnny 'JT' Theodosiou 45 - 67 -22 62.2 69.6% 0.86
Canada Justin 'FaNg' Coakley 43 - 63 -20 54.8 67.4% 0.80

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#1(With 1 replies)
February 7, 2023 07:02PM
To get top 8 at such a stacked tournament like this, its something to be proud of!
But seriously, its borked that CoL and Outsiders were the only two teams to have to play twice in one day! Its a systemic disadvantage to group B
#2(With 0 replies)
February 8, 2023 09:34AM
It was actually so fucked to have that. They could have definitely prepared more and been more rested to actually win that game.
#3(With 0 replies)
February 8, 2023 01:37PM
Floppy is showing signs of life again, lets get everyone firing on all cylinders and win a major lmao
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