After four years as part of the organisation PKL has decided to step down from the team

paiN's longest serving member steps away

The move comes after a dissapointing run at the IEM Katowice Play-In stage where they were eliminated by IHC.

paiN have long been challenging at the top of the domestic scene and last year was no different with multiple wins in NA ESEA cash cups, season 41 of ECL and most impressively ESL Challenger Melbourne. However, they made two big changes at the end of the year bringing in Felipe "skullz" Medeiros and Romeu "zevy" Rocco as they sought to challenge at the next level.

The first big test for the side would be IEM Katowice Play-In where they were drawn against ENCE in the first round, a 16-7 loss to the EU mix didnt inspire hope and the team fell in a shock loss to Mongolian side IHC 2-0 to be eliminated from the tournament. The teams only standout performer at the tournament was 28 year old Vinicios "PKL" Coelho who posted a 1.15 rating across the event, being the only paiN player that managed a positive rating.

Now the dust has settled on their exit, PKL has decided to step away from the squad after four years of service to the organisation. In their announcement on social media by the org, PKL's explains the motivation behind his decision being largely due to personal circumstance, rather than anything in game.

The news will come as a big hit for the team as they had sought to take themselves to the next level, now they are without not only one of their standout players but a player who had been with the side for nearly half a decade. The change comes just before paiN seek to qualify for IEM Brazil through the NA closed qualifier and more importantly ELS Pro League Season 17 which they qualified for with their win in Melbourne.

paiN's roster is currently:

  • Rodrigo "biguzera" Bittencourt

  • Wesley "hardzao" Lopes

  • Felipe "skullz" Medeiros

  • Romeu "zevy" Rocco

  • Henrique "rikz" Waku (Coach)

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February 6, 2023 06:00PM
Pain got eliminated by ihc,, c9 got eliminated by ihc pain is just as good as c9 confirmed 👍
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February 7, 2023 08:36AM
we are going to see paiN on the come up after this move
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