Mix of players claim third ESL Impact Cash Cup of 2023

shimmer outplayed the competition by a mile, with only ECHO coming close to beat them.

While top tier Counter-Strike is happening in Katowice, the grind doesn't stop in North America, especially not for women's teams. While CLG Red and Saints get ready to head out to Poland for their ESL Impact Katowice participation, and after Chimkin won two straight, this weekend's Cash Cup was won by a mix of players called shimmer.

shimmer is composed by Daria "bezdaria" Anokhina and Lisa "lisa" Nguyen, a couple of former Please Send Bocks players, Lucy "empathy" Verkaik a former EG Gold player, Lynn "Lx" Clarke a former lofidelity player, and Abby "abby" a Valkyries active player.

In a muich less strong bracket, shimmer were able to capitalize against rejects, another mix of players, which they made quick work of on Ancient, getting matched-up with ECHO, a team whose core has been together since Season 42 of ESEA Open, with some changes. ECHO, who got a first-round bye, got very close to beating shimmer, but ultimately failed to do so.

On the other side of the bracket, U-Turn, who got beat by Chimkin in the final the last time around, managed to overcome BeepBeep in a tight battle, in a series that would be the only one to go to a third map.

In the grand final, shimmer comfortably beat U-Turn 16-2 and 16-7 to claim first place of the third ESL Impact Cash Cup of 2023.

The final standings for the competition are:

1. United States shimmer - $750
2. U-Turn - $250
3-4. ECHO
3-4. BeepBeep

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