Complexity's run continues despite the doubts of many

Complexity squash the rats

The Americans' spectacular start to the season continues on.

America was looking for at least one representative to make it into the Spodek Arena and the hopes rested on the shoulders of Complexity as they faced off against a youthful European opponent in MOUZ. The Europeans are coming off of a strong IEM Rio Major where they played in the Semi-Finals and looked to continue that success into their next event.

Complexity started the match off on their map pick Inferno by winning their opening pistol and the subsequent rounds, but some back and forth would lead to the Americans suffering a 7-8 first half defeat.

However, the Norwegian AWPer Håkon "hallzerk" Fjærli would simply not let his American friends lose their map pick as he would dominate the second half of Inferno thanks to a crucial pistol-round win where he cleared out the B bombsite with four quick headshots. hallzerk would prove it over and over that Inferno would go the way of Complexity thanks to his shattering 2.02 Rating, 32 kill, and 122.9 ADR. Complexity would clean up their CT side and win the map 16-9.

MOUZ were desperate to even the score on their pick of Nuke and so they did it in the best way possible by jumping out to a surprising 8-2 lead before Complexity could even get their defenses sorted. MOUZ would finish the half 9-6 in their favor, leaving Complexity with a lot of work to do if they wanted to have a chance at closing it out before Ancient.

Complexity, to their credit, would storm back on their T-side, winning five of the first seven rounds to tie it all up at 11-11. The Americans were hoping to take advantage of their high spirits and momentum, but the Europeans would be able to stand strong and push back, securing the map 16-11.

Complexity and MOUZ finally headed to Ancient to try and settle the score of who would be going home and who is going on to the next round for a shot at the Spodek. Ancient would see Complexity start on the T-side where they would secure the pistol and begin trading streaks of rounds, before Complexity would begin to pull away as they close the half 9-6.

The second half would be much more confrontational as the rounds would change back and forth at breakneck speeds. Complexity would lose the pistol, but still retain a slight lead, before once more letting MOUZ back into the game. This game also saw that Michael "Grim" Wince is a surprisingly good AWPer as countless multi-frags saw him help Complexity push it past the finish line as they win the final map 16-12.

2 - 1
All maps
Complexity K - D +/- ADR KAST Rating 2.0
Håkon 'hallzerk' Fjærli 80 - 45 +35 99.0 80.2% 1.54
United States Ricky 'floppy' Kemery 53 - 48 +5 71.7 72.8% 1.08
Canada Justin 'FaNg' Coakley 49 - 50 -1 68.5 66.7% 1.01
United States Michael 'Grim' Wince 46 - 54 -8 65.8 70.4% 1.00
Johnny 'JT' Theodosiou 37 - 57 -20 49.6 67.9% 0.73
MOUZ K - D +/- ADR KAST Rating 2.0
David 'frozen' Čerňanský 58 - 46 +12 78.4 71.6% 1.16
Dorian 'xertioN' Berman 57 - 57 +0 86.4 64.2% 1.08
Ádám 'torzsi' Torzsás 51 - 50 +1 60.5 65.4% 0.92
Jon 'JDC' de Castro 48 - 55 -7 65.5 69.1% 0.88
Australia Christopher 'dexter' Nong 39 - 58 -19 60.6 61.7% 0.82

Complexity will now need to prepare for their match against fnatic, set to be played tomorrow at 06:30AM.

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February 6, 2023 03:26PM
I think Mouz was the stiffest competition in this lower bracket run. I think there's a very real chance that CoL could sneak through if they keep improving this quickly.
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February 6, 2023 06:01PM
Imma need me them awps ever damn round
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