ESL Impact Season 3 signups go live

Impact returns with a bang.

ESL has announced that ESL Impact Season 3 has returned, and signups are live with it. The format of the new season is as follows. Each of the three regions, Europe North America, and South America, will have two open qualifiers, the first from February 17-19th, and the second from February 24-26th. Both of these open qualifiers will have two winners from each region, giving a total of twelve qualification slots.

These twelve teams will join eight invited European teams, four invited North American teams, and four invited South American teams. The main tournament format will still be regionalized. The League Season will take place from March 8th to April 16th. For more information about the format of the season, see the ESL Impact website.

With three EU teams, two NA teams, two SA teams, and one wildcard slot, Global Finals will feature an 8-team tournament split into two groups. The top two of each group advance to the playoffs where the winner will be decided. League Finals take place from June 2nd to June 4th, live at DreamHack Dallas.

Last season, Nigma Galaxy took home to top prize with FURIA fe following not far behind. This season, $27,000 will be distributed during the league season, and a whopping $123,000 will be distributed during the finals, with the winner taking home $50,000.

Sign up at ESL Impact's website.

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