Chimkin goes back-to-back

Two Cash Cup wins in two participations in the first month of being together. This means trouble to the opposition.

The orgless squad that was formed just only a few weeks ago has conquered the second Cash Cup of 2023, where they also won the first Cash Cup offered in 2023. This time the team beat SeraFem in the semifinal and U-Turn in the grand final, both with 2-0 victories.

Julie "Bouchard" Bouchard was the stand-out player as the Chimkin IGL topped the fragging list twice in four maps and averaged a 1.86 K/D ratio.

This was another ESL Impact Cash Cup where Chimkin destroyed the opposition. The team did not drop a single map, and only once they let their opposition get 10 or more rounds in a match. 16-4 on Vertigo and 16-5 on Nuke against SeraFem, and 16-10 on Inferno and 16-5 on Vertigo against U-Turn were the map results. Chimkin's Vertigo is looking like a tough cookie to crack for the opposition, as the newly formed squad hasn't lost a single match on the 51st floor.

This edition of the ESL Impact Cash Cup didn't feature the likes of CLG Red, EG Gold, Valkyries, or Saints, some of the top teams in the North American women's scene. This translated into an easier path for every team, but only Chimkin capitalized, as ECHO faltered against U-Turn, and Equity, the recently announced Peruvian squad, fell to the hands of SeraFem.

The final standings of the second ESL Impact Cash Cup North America of 2023 are:

1. United States Chimkin - $750
2. U-Turn - $250
3-4. SeraFem
3-4. ECHO

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January 30, 2023 12:05PM
Dust2 Birthday cake!
Important to note that they won't be able to play in the upcoming one this week now. If the other top squads don't show up again we'll have a new victor
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January 30, 2023 07:25PM
i get to sleep all next saturday and sunday :D
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