You can play CS 1.6 with multiplayer in-browser

If you want to take a break from CS:GO and relieve the golden era of the series, you can do it in your browser.

The days of competitive Counter-Strike 1.6 may be over but there still are hundreds of devoted fans who wish to play the legendary title. For those not wanting to spend money on a game with a low player count, risking not finding servers, CS Online is the perfect solution.

Thanks to a team of programmers, Flying With Gauss, an engine was created that supports the game on any Web browser, making it accessible to everyone who has an Internet connection.

A project that started in 2018, aiming to "provide compatibility with Half-Life Engine", made playing CS 1.6 in-browser possible, with servers located all around the globe and open to everyone.

CS Online gives younger players the chance to try out the game that started it all and old players the chance to have a trip down memory lane, all for free and a few clicks away, completely accessible.

You can choose to play the typical mode with the bomb, in the traditional maps, such as the first versions of maps like de_dust2, de_inferno, de_aztec, and de_train, or you can go have fun on fy_pool_day, fy_iceworld, and awp_india.

The CS Online website is easy to navigate and once you access it, you don't even need to creat an account to play your favorite CS 1.6 modes and maps. If you choose to create a profile, you can also support the project by buying the premium status.

If you want to hear the old AK-47 sound or see if the AWP was better or worse than it is now, click here to go to the CS Online website. Don't forget, in this version you need to buy the ammo for your weapons as well!

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