The head coach was optimistic throughout their game

Vorborg on Ancient gameplay: "We have done a lot of experimenting"

A mid-match interview from the Head Coach brimming with confidence going into the third map.

After the second map victory over Heroic that would tie the series for Evil Geniuses at 1-1, James Banks approached Daniel "Vorborg" Vorborg for an interview to gain some insight to the team's Ancient performance and confidence heading into the series final.

That was an impressive fight from start to finish there on Ancient, a map that you guys have just not been playing. Some practice been going on for this map?

Yeah, definitely. We are practicing every map of course, right into the best-of-threes so kinda been spreading it out. Very happy with the result.

Ancient, obviously, this looked a lot better from you guys. We saw you exploit mid a lot and Heroic didn't seem ready for you guys. Was there something you noticed in the gameplay even with the changes coming into the map?

Honestly, no. I think so much has changed on Ancient that there has been a lot of experimenting with what works, like what kind of control can the Ts get fast and what the CTs will get. We have done a lot of experimenting and in the end we ended up with a more slow style of play, most of the time with some reactions and explosions, but we've been mainly focused on ourselves.

You're being honest and I like that. You've got a big smile on your face as well, but how confident are you going into this third map to take the series. It's been a long time for EG to even win over a good team, especially considering that this is the best team in the world right now.

Overpass is one of our best maps, but its also one of their best maps. Obviously they are a very good team, but for us, still, it's early. We've changed a lot here in the offseason; roles and a new player of course. So for us, it's about making sure that we give it our all and that we'll learn a lot. I'm feeling hopeful heading into the third map.

And how is wiz feeling?

He's feeling good now.

Evil Geniuses would go onto win their match and await the victor of Astralis v. Vitality for their matchup on Saturday at 09:30AM.

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