The 21-year-old made his interview debut today, too

wiz: "I don't think I'm quite tier one ready yet, but I think I will get there"

The newly-promoted AWPer made his tier one debut today.

Before the start of EG vs. Heroic, the game that would open the BLAST Premier Spring Groups 2023, James Banks was joined by Jerric "wiz" Jiang for an interview, where the main topic was the AWPer's promotion to the Evil Geniuses' main roster and what comes with that.

You are starting 2023 with the main EG roster, it's your first S-tier event. I wanted to see if you were shocked and how did you feel when this came about?

It was a bit unexpected for me, but now that I'm here I just gotta work hard and just play my best and we will see where it goes from here.

How much practice time did you have with the guys when you got to Europe? How is it looking so far?

We have been bootcamping here for one week and a half, we got here January 5th, so not the longest time practicing but I think we have been working hard, we have been relatively long days and I think we have a cohesive plan going into this game.

What's the biggest change for you personally when you come into this team, with your roles and stuff like that?

Personally the biggest change for me was getting to play with these new experienced players, I think they have a lot of beneficial tips for me, to integrate myself in the teamplay, so I think that's the biggest change.

This is going to be your first game against a serious opponent, Heroic, tier one, not an easy team. In practice and stuff, have you noticed is a lot harder or is it pretty much the same for you?

It's definitely a lot harder but I think I adapted pretty quickly overall. I don't think I'm quite tier one ready yet, but I think I will get there.

I heard in Vorborg's interview, he said that you have huge potential. When you hear something like that from your coach, does that add any extra pressure or does it make you feel better?

A little bit of both, but is definitely very helpful to hear from my coach that he believes in me, that he thinks that I can reach that potential and hopefully it becomes true.

His debut will be one to remember as the squad took down the #1 team in the world. wiz showed incredible promise in his debut with the main team, posting a 0.98 HLTV Rating, 58.6 ADR, and a 73.5 KAST. wiz and the rest of the squad will be playing against the winner of Vitality and Astralis on Saturday at 09:30AM.

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