Villainous cut one after surviving Relegation

After a difficult debut in ECL last season, Villainous are looking to overhaul for 2023.

Villainous have made the decision to cut Matthew "tatm" Munro after retaining their spot in ESL Challenger League for Season 44. The move comes after a tumultuous performance in ECL Season 43 Relegation, which saw Villainous barely scrape by Post Mortem in a 2-1 slugfest to claim one of the final spots in ECL.

Prior to their run in ECL, Villainous had struggled immensely to make an impact in their group, posting a 2-5 regular season record; with their sole wins coming against Disconnected and Post Mortem. Unfortunately, during this period tatm was one of the team's squeaky wheels in the fragging department alongside Cory "shutout" Frymark, with the former player posting a 0.93 rating and a 0.83 K/D ratio over 19 maps.

Regarding the decision to part ways with tatm, Brody "BeaKie" Kelly told that tatm's removal was based around issues with in-server decision-making during important rounds and as well as work ethic issues that were not addressed during the season.

With tatm out of the picture, Villainous are now:

  • United States Cory "shutout" Frymark

  • United States Jake "zebra" Davis

  • Canada Brody "BeaKie" Kelly

  • Alvin "Alvin" Bui

  • United States Mark "CooperTrooper" Cooper (Coach)

Villainous will now hunt for a new fifth as they head into 2023.

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December 22, 2022 04:11PM
tatm looks hard asf in his hltv pic
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