How will Valve's new ranking change the Major cycle?

Valve issues new ranking

We currently have the ESL World Ranking and HLTV rankings, but now a new challenger enters the arena.

Late last night, Valve released it's first edition of the Regional Standings, a ranking to be used in determining invites to some of the later qualification stage for upcoming CS:GO Majors.

In the blog update post, the developers remarked that the ranking is based on three factors; prize money earned, beaten opponents' prize money earned and teams beaten, and head-to-head results. They also noted that the exact formula will be made public in the coming weeks.

The developers are looking to use the current formula for the qualifiers leading up to the Paris Major, however it may be subject to change as Valve continues to tinker with the model and will accept one that better predicts match results.

The regional ranking divides teams up into only three regions; Europe, Americas, and Asia, the last of which will incorporate teams from South Africa as well. These rankings will be used to determine the invites to the corresponding closed qualifier for the Regional Major Ranking tournaments.

There are over 300 teams included in the ranking, which also seemingly includes Showmatch teams. The full Americas ranking can be found below.


#1. United States Liquid - 1,911 points
#2. Brazil FURIA - 1,713
#3. Complexity - 1,552
#4. Brazil paiN - 1,534
#5. Brazil Fluxo - 1,487
#6. World ATK - 1,441
#7. United States EG Black - 1,438
#8. Brazil MIBR - 1,435
#9. United States Nouns - 1,381
#10. 9z - 1,373
#11. Brazil TeamOne - 1,366
#12. Evil Geniuses - 1,359
#13. Brazil 00NATION - 1,354
#14. Brazil Imperial - 1,327
#15. United States EG White - 1,295
#16. Brazil Sharks - 1,291
#17. Brazil ARCTIC - 1,291
#18. Isurus - 1,223
#19. United States Iron Blood - 1,190
#20. United States Strife - 1,185

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