Liquid have their future in their hands

Liquid's BLAST Finals qualification scenarios

America's team is in the fight of their lives as they just need to do a bit more before they can make it to the BLAST Finals.

With the event calendar finally winding down after a 2022 season that was filled with drama, roster changes, entire team eras, there is one more event that we could see a North American team attend; BLAST Premier: World Final 2022 in Abu Dhabi.

While there was some confusion that happened in the previous days after Nick "nitr0" Canella tweeted that Liquid had already won, it turns out that might have been a little premature.

As of today, there are six out of the eight slots fully decided for the World Finals with FaZe Clan, NAVI, and Vitality having qualified for their wins at ESL Pro League S15 & PGL Major Antwerp, BLAST Spring Finals, and ESL Pro League S16, respectively.

Additionally, Heroic and G2 have qualified after they were able to earn enough points in the Global Leaderboard to guarantee themselves a top seven position with the 8th spot left for the winner of the BLAST Fall Final.

Currently, the standings look a little something like this;

  • FaZe Clan: 16850 Points [Qualified via PGL Major]

  • Natus Vincere: 12200 Points [Qualified via BLAST Spring Finals]

  • Vitality: 8825 Points [Qualified via EPL S16]

  • Heroic: 7250 Points [Qualified via Points]

  • G2: 6625 Points [Qualified via Points]

  • OG: 6300 Points

  • United States Liquid: 6212.5 Points

  • ENCE: 5950 Points [Eliminated]

  • Ninjas in Pyjamas: 5100 Points

  • Astralis: 4700 Points [Eliminated]

  • Outsiders: 4562.5 Points [Qualified via IEM Rio]

With eight total spots available, there are currently six teams that have already qualified with two remaining spots left up to either the winners of BLAST Fall Finals or for points. With NIP still in the running to win the event as they are playing in a semi-final match against FaZe Clan later today, they could potentially sneak into the last event of the year. However, should NIP lose, then OG and Liquid will qualify based on points alone, regardless of the result as all other remaining teams in the BLAST Fall Final have already qualified for the event. Finally, if Liquid win their match today against Heroic, they will also qualify regardless of the result because they will leapfrog OG in the points leaderboard for the final place at the finals.

  • Scenario 1: Liquid beat Heroic

Should Liquid beat Heroic today, they will earn 2,000 points in the leaderboard, pushing themselves beyond OG and earning the final slot with a point total of 6,962.5.

  • Scenario 2: Liquid lose to Heroic

If Liquid aren't able to win today, they're going to get in trouble. NIP are still threatening for a spot at the World Finals and could actually make it should they win the whole LAN. However, even if NIP were to make it to the finals, the points they would receive in a second place finish would not be enough to push them past Liquid, giving Liquid a spot at the World Finals.

  • Scenario 3: NIP win it all

If NIP win it all, Liquid will have to have beaten Heroic to earn a second place finish to outplace OG in the standings and receive the last Global Leaderboard berth at the Finals event.

So what should I be hoping for today

At the end of the day, Liquid fans are going to be rooting for Liquid to win and for NIP to lose. With FaZe Clan and Heroic already having qualified to the BLAST Premier: World Final, they can only give one more spot for the Global Leaderboard teams to qualify which helps North America once more.

Liquid faces off against Heroic at 09:30AM this morning. Liquid fans might also want to see FaZe Clan attempting to help out NA when they play NIP at 01:00PM this afternoon.

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