After seeing major growth in 2022, Momo is seemingly being called up to the next level as a player

Momo called up to EG White for CCT

With little fanfare, the Pakistani player has linked up with ben1337 and co.

Former Vendetta and Bad News Bears player Khizar "Momo" Rehman has appeared on Evil Geniuses White's lineup for CCT North America Series #2 in place of Jonathan "djay" Dallal.

Momo's call up to play with Evil Geniuses White follows his departure from Vendetta on November 23rd, with Momo commenting that he left the team to "potentially pursue better opportunities in the future".

Should the move be permanent, it will certainly raise some eyebrows as this would be the first significant change to the long-term Party Astronauts core that formed back in August 2021. djay is also rated far higher than Momo on HLTV, with the Canadian boasting a 1.14 rating to Momo's 1.04 rating, albeit with Momo being far more active in the past three months.

The main consideration on EG's part may be that Momo is far younger and will have room to grow on the team while djay is quickly approaching 30 years old, which is generally when out-of-game considerations and slower reaction times begin to lower a player's growth potential. reached out to Evil Geniuses and the relevant players for insight on the move and whether it will be permanent. They did not respond to the request by the time of publication.

Evil Geniuses White will play CCT North America Series #2 with:

  • United States Josh "PwnAlone" Pigue

  • United States Ben "ben1337" Smith

  • Canada Jonathan "Jonji" Carey

  • United States Wesley "viz" Harris

  • Khizar "Momo" Rehman (Stand-in)

  • United States Joeseph "Muenster" Lima (Coach)

Momo and EG White will face off against X13 in their debut match of CCT NA #2 tonight at 06:00PM.

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November 25, 2022 05:28PM
Justice for Djay
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shouldve been -viz
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