The failed Major qualification was a big blow to his confidence

hallzerk: "when you lose games you have a lot to fix and you just have to look at the positives of losing"

The Norwegian takes a look back on his 2022 season.

In a recent interview with HLTV, Håkon "hallzerk" Fjærli, Complexity's newest member, spoke about his team's RMR failure as well as the what the future holds for his team.

For those who may not remember, Complexity started out with a blazing 2-0 record in the RMR, but quickly fell, finishing the Swiss stage with a meager 3-2 record. Because of the way that Americas RMR slots were handled, they had to play an extra match versus Imperial for the final slot, who ended up winning and attending their home Major. Starting off so well but ending so poorly clearly had an affect on the Norwegian AWPer, who said "I didn't have fun playing CS after that [loss]".

Looking back now with a few weeks of hindsight, hallzerk claimed that the roster's biggest weakness was communication, but in the lead-up and playing at Elise Masters Espoo, the team has worked on that flaw. On Elisa, hallzerk said, "We just want to improve after every game we play and get more experience at LANs".

In that interview, hallzerk said he looked forward to playing Astralis, saying, " I hoped device would be playing because he was a big inspiration for me." Unfortunately for hallzerk, device was not playing. Complexity would go on to face Astralis in their 2-2 matchup, where the winner would move on to the playoffs, and the loser would be eliminated. Astralis defeated Complexity in a close 19-17 affair.

Finally, hallzerk touched on the Major slots allocated to the Americas region. Since only two Americas team made the Legends stage in Rio, as opposed to three in Antwerp and Stockholm, the Americas region will only have five slots for the upcoming Paris Major, one less than in the previous three. But, the European had a relaxed disposition about the prospect, claiming, "I think at the next RMR it is going to be the same we are going to go 2-0 and hopefully get the 3-0 like we should have done the last time. Getting one less spot is not a struggle for us because we should the best or one of the best teams in NA, so we should be able to go through no matter what."

After the loss at Elisa Masters Espoo, Complexity's season is over, and we shall see them next in 2023.

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