ATK win Mustache Masters Season 4, raises over $20k

The charity tournament dedicated to men’s health raised over $20k.

The fourth iteration of North American-based charity tournament Mustache Masters reached its conclusion this weekend, with ATK standing tall in the feelgood event.

ATK met EG n’ Friends in the grand final, a mix-team headlined by the return of Major-winning AWPer Tyler “Skadoodle” Latham. The two teams exchanged map wins in the final to take the series to an Anubis decider. ATK had no problem securing the newly-released map with a 16-5 sweep to take first place.

The win for ATK marks the second Mustache Masters victory for both ATK riflers Ian “motm” Hardy and Michael “Swisher” Schmid. motm’s first victory came as a part of the ex-Cloud 9 lineup back in 2020. For Swisher, this victory marks a repeat following last years win with Bad News Bears.

Through the group efforts of all community members and sponsors involved, Mustache Masters was able to secure over $21,000 in donations to Movember this year, as well as giveaway a plethora of prizes to viewers.

Mustache Masters ends it’s fourth iteration with total donations reaching over $80,000 in the four years it has been running. You can still donate to their Movember campaign anytime here.

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