malbsMd got 11 kills in just three rounds of play

oNe and Nouns unbeaten for another week

Strife finally debuts with the new roster.

Another week has gone by and the top teams remain on top. This is looking like a one-horse race over in Group B, with Nouns comfortably beating all of their opponents so far, but most are newly promoted teams. Group A has fallen in the command of oNe, but there are a lot of games still to be played, with three potential contenders for the top spot not yet debuting this season.

This last week of ESL Challenger League Season 43 North America started with oNe taking on 7AM NA, previously known as Victorum. The Brazilians made quick work of the opposition, as they won 16-6 and 16-9. It should be noted that, in four rounds, Mario "malbsMd" Samayoa scored two aces and Pedro "Maluk3" Campos scored himself one too during the first map. The second game of the group put Strife up against Snakes Den. The result was also 2-0 for the more experienced team, with 16-2 and 16-7 map results. This was Strife's debut in the season and with the new roster, after changing two players a month ago.

Over in Group B, Villainous played twice. First against Red Wolves in a very tight match that went the three maps. Both teams won their respective pick 16-14, and then, on the decider, Red Wolves managed to get ten rounds on the T-side and secured the win after a controlled second half. This was Red Wolves' first win on ECL. The second game of Villainous also ended in defeat for the newly promoted team, this time against heavy favorites Nouns. The series needed all three maps to be decided. The first had Nouns winning Villainous pick after two overtimes. Then Villainous replied with a 16-12 win in Nouns' Mirage, but the #4 team in North America claimed the victory after a 16-9 win in Inferno. Alvin "Alvin" Bui from Villainous claimed 85 victims throughout the series, one less kill than Brendan "Bwills" Williams.

Last week's games ended with the following standings:

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