ESL Impact S2 starts soon!

Can NA end Nigma Galaxy's supremacy?

After an easy regional qualifier for the revamped CLG Red and debutant EG Gold squads, North America is now in Jönköping, Sweden, to face off against competition from all around the globe.

The two North American representatives have been drawn into the same group, alongside heavy-favorites Nigma Galaxy squad, as well as the High Sense Gaming women's team from Asia.

ESL Impact Season 2 Finals is taking place throughout the weekend and its winners will receive $50,000. The last time around, it was the Eastern European squad of Nigma Galaxy who took home the prize. This time, with a new-looking CLG Red squad and a recently-formed EG Gold squad, the teams are looking to bring the win to NA. Unfortunately, the chances of getting through the group stage are slimmer, given that both teams are in the same group.

The other group is comprised of FURIA and B4 women's teams from South America, ATK fe from South Africa, and NOFEARS from Russia.

As mentioned before, Nigma Galaxy comes into the tournament as the team to beat, while the FURIA squad is looking to get revenge from season one. Don't discard NA's hopes of winning because if one team gets through, they can only face Nigma Galaxy in the grand final, and, in that stage, anything can happen.

CLG Red already proved they had what it takes to beat the Eastern European squad but with the recent roster changes, it remains to be seen if they can take them in a BO3 series. EG Gold still has yet to debut in intercontinental competitions and ESL Impact Season 2 Finals will be the first big experience for the players, so there are no expectations as to what the team can do, but there's hope they can play brilliant Counter-Strike.

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November 25, 2022 01:44AM
Let’s go EG gold make the boys back home proud
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