ESL comes back to Brazil

IEM returns to Brazil in 2023

The South American nation gets another event on the calendar after the IEM Rio Major.

When ESL released their calendar for 2023, the locations of IEM Spring and IEM Fall were unknown with many speculating different locations across the globe. Now ESL has officially announced that Brazil will host an Intel Extreme Masters stop in 2023 as part of the ESL Pro Tour.

It is possible that Rio will not be either of the Spring or Fall locations, however ge esports reports that it will in fact be the Spring stop of the circuit. The event will feature 16 teams and be part of ESL Pro Tour circuit as a Masters-level tournament, joining two seasons of ESL Pro League, IEM Dallas, and IEM Fall.

The on-stage announcement did not specify the exact location of IEM Brazil, nor the dates for the event, however all signs point to a return to Rio de Janeiro in April.

With the event anticipated to take place for IEM Spring, it should take place from April 17-23, which is just two weeks after ESL Pro League Season 17 and only two weeks before the beginning of the Paris Major, which does not leave much room in the schedule for any RMR events as well.

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