Liquid's reign continues in' November rankings

Liquid comfortably stands atop the Americas mountain three months in a row.

The Americas teams used their best tricks against one another in October, with their eyes on the sweetest treat of them all, a spot at the IEM Rio Major.

To provide a transparent summary of the ranking process, here is a breakdown of the Dust2 Ranking process:

Our team rankings are chosen based on a series of measurements where each team is allocated points dependent on where they rank compared to their peers. This point-based system puts all domestic and international results, HLTV ranking, the tier of play, and coaches polling into consideration. While we include the HLTV rankings to some degree, there is more weight that is given to the select number of coaches within the scene that are ranking the teams due to their accurate ability in judging play outside of the regional matches.

#1 United States Liquid (EliGE, NAF, oSee, nitr0, YEKINDAR) (-)

Liquid had a near-perfect month in their appearances leading up to the Rio Major, but a blunder in the EPL S16 Finals saw the trophy slip right through their fingertips. The BO5 loss was their only series loss on the month, with the kings of North America taking wins over Cloud 9, oNe, MIBR, Complexity, and Evil Geniuses ahead of the Legends stage.

November Events: IEM Rio Major, Blast Premier Fall Final

#2 Brazil FURIA (arT, yuurih, KSCERATO, saffee, drop) (-)

FURIA failed to reclaim their Legends spot through the Americas RMR, forcing them to fight through the Challengers stage. Their key win on the month was against 00 Nation at the Major in a BO1, but a blown lead the round prior to BIG and a LAN loss to EG have us wondering what form Brazil's top team will be in at the biggest event in Brazil.

November Events: IEM Rio Major

#3 United States Evil Geniuses (Brehze, CeRq, autimatic, neaLaN, HexT) (+2)

EG looked strong in the Americas RMR with wins over FURIA, Nouns, and 9z to earn a place in the Challengers Stage. Although they've likely not hit their ceiling, making it back to a Major is a great sign of growth for the organization, and a win against IHC at the Major was the best way the team could have closed the month.

November Events: None

#4 United States Complexity (JT, floppy, FaNg, Grim, hallzerk) (-1)

Missing the Major with losses to 00 Nation and Imperial was a gutting result for Complexity, especially when compounded with the online loss to Sharks just ten days later. However, Complexity has plenty to be proud of for their first season together and even more to build around for future events.

November Events: Elisa Masters Espoo

#5 Brazil 00 Nation (coldzera, TACO, latto, dumau, try) (-1)

October was a rocky month for 00 Nation, as the team made the Rio Major, but didn't look strong in the process. Losses against 9z, Fluxo, Bad News Eagles, and FURIA overshadowed their wins over Complexity and Imperial.

November Events: None

#6 Brazil Imperial (FalleN, chelo, fer, boltz, VINI) (-)

Imperial found form at a perfect time with the Major coming up. A solid showing at the RMR sent them to the Major in front of their home crowd, headlined by wins over Nouns, paiN, and Complexity. They were unable to follow up on their success at the following FiReLEAGUE event, losing to paiN in the rematch. An opening loss at the Major to Vitality closed their month on a sour note after starting strong.

November Events: None

#7 9z (max, dgt, Luken, rox, dav1d) (+5)

The 9z underdogs entered October in full swing with clear intent to make the Major. They did just that with impressive wins over Imperial and 00 Nation before clinching an invite over ATK at the RMR. 9z continues to make the most of their LAN appearances whenever earned.

November Events: None

#8 Brazil paiN (PKL, hardzao, biguzera, skullz, zevy) (-1)

paiN was on a treadmill for the month, seemingly going one step forward and then back for all of October. They ended the month with a 9-9 map record, missing out on the Major and placing second at FiReLEAGUE Global Finals.

November Events: None

#9 Brazil Fluxo (PKL, hardzao, biguzera, skullz, zevy) (+7)

October was a breakout month for Fluxo with staple wins over oNe, EG, 00 Nation, and MIBR. Their month was highlighted by the event win at the BLAST Premier Fall Showdown. The online event victory secured them an invite to the Fall Final later this month, which will serve as their biggest test yet.

November Events: Blast Premier Fall Final

#10 Brazil MIBR (exit, tuurtle, JOTA, brnz4n, HEN1) (-2)

MIBR was very active during the month, playing in four different events in October. Unfortunately, their activity did not result in positive results. They ended the month with a map record of 12-12, with loss streaks starting and ending their month. With the team falling just short in each of its ventures, MIBR continues its journey to break out as another dominant Brazilian team.

November Events: ESL Challenger League S43

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