Brazilians win CCT NA Series 1

The Brazilians went nearly undefeated in pursuit of gold.

Sojoga completed their near-perfect run inside of CCT North America last night after besting BHOP in an incredibly tight finals, 2-1. Sojoga were pushed to their limit, needing 16-14 wins twice over to reverse sweep BHOP.

The least competitive map of the series was BHOP’s initial pick of Ancient. BHOP had Sojoga reeling to start after an 8-1 start on offense. Sojoga eventually rallied back with four straight to end the half, cutting BHOP’s lead to 9-6.

Sojoga made it competitive to start the second half by winning five of six rounds. Down 7-11, BHOP find their footing and answered back with nine straight on defense to close their pick out 16-11.

Things were night and day on Sojoga’s Dust2 pick, as BHOP couldn’t find a base on their defense and got overran quickly by their opponents offense. After winning pistol, they dropped five straight. The same thing happened immediately after, as they won two rounds in return only to give up six of seven back to Sojoga, ending the half down 4-11.

A third map appeared inevitable after Sojoga took pistol, but BHOP answered back with a strong offensive effort of their own. Behind a five round streak, BHOP took it all the way to round 30. With Sojoga on match point, they pulled together a defensive stop to prevent the BHOP comeback, winning their pick 16-14 to send us to Inferno.

Sojoga came out of the gates hot on Inferno, winning pistol and then some to start the map up 4-1 on T-side. With things teetering away from BHOP, they answered the call with seven defensive rounds, turning the tide of the first half. Sojoga pulled back two of the last three rounds, but BHOP walked away with the first half 9-6, a sound effort after the hot Sojoga start.

The start of the second half was Sojoga once again, as the Brazilians kicked off the final half winning six of seven, only allowing one plant in that window. BHOP finally penetrated their opponent defense, getting three straight plants and explosions to take back the lead 13-12. The two exchanged the next two rounds, putting the match at 14-13 in favor of BHOP.

With their backs against the wall, Sojoga dug deep to successfully retake the plant three separate times in crunch time, winning the final three rounds to win 16-14 and take the final series 2-1. Paulo “land1n” Felipe came up huge for his team, leading in performance for both razor tight victories in the reverse-sweep.

1 - 2
All maps
BHOP K - D +/- ADR KAST Rating 2.0
United States Silas 'silas' Marrufo 62 - 62 +0 85.3 85.1% 1.20
United States Christopher 'Swahn' Swahn 61 - 51 +10 76.0 71.3% 1.14
Canada Brody 'BeaKie' Kelly 50 - 59 -9 68.6 67.8% 0.95
Canada Paul 'aris' Wilson 50 - 59 -9 60.1 69.0% 0.95
United States Brett 'brett' Rhein 54 - 65 -11 64.3 64.4% 0.88
Sojoga K - D +/- ADR KAST Rating 2.0
Brazil Paulo 'land1n' Felipe 75 - 56 +19 87.9 77.0% 1.31
Brazil Matheus 'mawth' Gonçalves 56 - 51 +5 70.8 78.2% 1.13
Brazil Matheus 'prt' Scuvero 59 - 55 +4 76.6 78.2% 1.08
Brazil Alef 'tatazin' Pereira 56 - 60 -4 77.2 72.4% 1.04
Brazil Denis 'dzt' Fischer 50 - 57 -7 64.0 64.4% 0.97

After winning CCT NA Series 1, Sojoga take home first-place honors, bragging rights, and the bulk of the $25,000 prize pool.

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