The Latvian legend has been behind many of Liquid's pivotal plays in EPL

Clutch time: Top 5 plays that helped take Liquid to the EPL finals

The team's incredible individual skill has been on display throughout the whole event.

After a difficult battle against Cloud9, Liquid have made the final of ESL Pro League Season 16! The team's incredible journey to the finals sees NA's best team within striking distance of claiming their first trophy in over three years. A large part of the team's return to form has been off the back of the skill of their resurgent stars. As such, has compiled a list of Liquid's best plays and clutches ahead of the finals tomorrow against Vitality.

#5: YEKINDAR 3 Deagle HS Kills vs. Cloud9 on Overpass (Group Stage)

This first clip demonstrated Mareks "YEKINDAR" Gaļinskis' skills with the Desert Eagle as the Latvian completely shifted the momentum of the round in Liquid's favor with excellent trigger discipline.

#4: YEKINDAR 1v2 Clutch vs. Fnatic on Ancient (Playoffs)

YEKINDAR picked up his second clip of our compilation with an excellent B-site defense against Fnatic during the quarterfinals. The super stand-in demonstrated excellent positioning and first-bullet accuracy in his takedown of Freddy "KRIMZ" Johansson and Nico "nicodooz" Tamjidi.

#3: United States EliGE 1v3 Clutch vs. Evil Geniuses on Inferno (Group Stage)

In the NA derby, Jonathan "EliGE" Jablonowski had a chance to shine with a 1v3 clutch that capped off a 4k where he demonstrated precise aim while pinned down in a single location. Excellent stuff from Liquid's franchise player for sure.

#2: United States oSee 1v2 Clutch vs. Cloud9 on Inferno (Playoffs)

While Josh "oSee" Ohm is known for his skill on the Big Green, he can still be incredibly dangerous with an AK-47 as demonstrated in this clip. oSee manages to charge through a smoke and thwart Cloud9's defuse despite a close duel against Sergey "Ax1Le" Rykhtorov.

#1: YEKINDAR 1v2 Clutch vs. Cloud9 on Inferno (Playoffs)

This final clip sums up why YEKINDAR has proven to be one of Liquid's best additions in the organization's CS:GO history. An incredibly ballsy Christopher "GeT_RiGhT" Alesund-esque wrap around the map to flank Cloud9, combined with impressive aim, allowed Liquid to clinch a round they had no business winning. An insane moment, even for a player known for his pivotal plays.

Liquid have demonstrated that they have the individual skill to take on any team in the world and this will need to be on full display as Liquid look to join the Intel Grand Slam Season 4 race tomorrow with a win over Vitality. The Grand Finals are set to take place tomorrow in Malta at 11:00AM.

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