Is a deal between VP and Liquid on the horizon?

VP CEO on YEKINDAR: "[We] are at the stage of finalizing the terms of parting."

In an interview with Dexerto, VP's CEO stated that the Latvian rifler has almost parted ways with the organization.

Luís Mira from Dexerto sat down with the newly-appointed CEO of, Aram Karamanukyan. They discussed a variety of topics including Valve allowing their Dota 2 team to attend TI under their banner, and his background but, most importantly to NA fans, he hinted at the future of Mareks "YEKINDAR" Gaļinskis.

The Latvian superstar has been the hottest topic in CS:GO since stating in an interview with Dust2 back in May that "[it's] possible that this is our last tournament together." The entry fragger was referring to the VP/ Outsiders roster which would later part ways with YEKINDAR and since then, predictions about his final landing place have been rife.

Since standing in for Liquid at IEM Cologne, rumors had been swirling that YEKINDAR would end up with the American organization, but due to US-enacted sactions against Russian companies, a deal did not seem possible. However, with the new CEO and VP investor being Armenian, it seems a deal will be achievable, which Mr. Karamanukyan mentioned in the interview.

The new CEO was very hush-hush about the whole ordeal, but it now seems that things are in motion and the new American sweetheart could find a permanent place at Liquid. In the interview, he says: "At the moment, and YEKINDAR are at the stage of finalizing the terms of parting. I can’t say more yet. Please be patient."

For now, all fans can do is what Aram Karamanukyan says, be patient, and hope that Liquid YEKINDAR becomes a permanent reality soon.

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