Liquid face off against MOUZ

EliGE on beating MOUZ: "we just have to make sure we are having really good reads"

EliGE spoke about having a victory against Fnatic under his belt and a match against MOUZ on the horizon.

Straight off of Liquid's win over Fnatic, Jonathan "EliGE" Jablonowski took a moment to talk with Freya about their strong CT-side, the changes they had made as a unit from groups and his incredible individual play to seal out Inferno.

EliGE huge congratulations for making to take down Fnatic in that series, it did go the full distance, you did go to the full three maps. I want to ask about that second half of ancient though, apart from YEKINDAR just absolutely steamrolling the opposition, what was key for you in terms of cementing that CT-side and only dropping two rounds

I think primarily we were shutting them down on A pretty hard, and when they did try and go mid it was really tough for them. I think we had a really good read on how to stop them at mid, so I just think overall they didn't feel comfortable with their go-to strats.

YEKINDAR mentioned after the group stage he wanted some improvements for the team coming into the playoffs, obviously you only had that one day yesterday to be focusing on that, how did it actually play out in the server today, and are you satisfied with what the team achieved?

Yeah I think that we played really well, I think there was a lot of really good focus. I think that we still messed up on some clutch situations here and there but overall we stuck to our game plan, we shut them down where we should have shut them down. On Overpass, honestly, that map is really tough (laughs) and they were owning us so hard in practice so even the amount of rounds we got is an improvement from how those were going. So overall a good day.

I want to through it back to Inferno, the first map in this series where you had an absolutely mega-round. Round 26 which really kind of sealed the deal sealing that map out, obviously you got the 4K with just the MP9 and the pistols, can you walk me through that from your perspective and how you got away with it?

So we know about their lane pop that they like doing, well I won't say the whole read for it, but as soon as they started lane popping I mollied, and usually when people start flashing for people to come out boiler, they instantly leave if there's a moly boiler so I just assumed as they throw that flash they're going to see there's a moly mid so he's going to jump up boiler or halls so nobody is going to be holding the arch wrap. So that just made it really free for me to kill them.

Yeah, it was an incredible play to be witnessing. Obviously up next is going to be MOUZ, we were chatting just before and saying that you don't want to underestimate MOUZ as an opponent too much, what's the approach going to be going into that game?

It's going to be the same as today, we just have to make sure we are having really good reads, we are understanding the pace of the round, and not letting them feel comfortable. They're obviously a really good team, everybody's playing well so you just have to make sure you don't let them feel comfy with their strats, don't give up easy picks and we should be able to win.

With the victory in hand, EliGE and company will be facing off against the in-form MOUZ today at 09:30AM. The European squad has been surrounded by questions for a long-time but has recently found their stride, will Liquid be able to overcome them?

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