Twistzz wants to make history with a second IGS

Twistzz: "If I can be the only one to have two [Grand Slams], then it's special"

Winning only one isn't enough for the Canadian, as more players have also claimed the title.

Right before the opening playoffs game, Russel "Twistzz" Van Dulken spoke with Freya about his chance to become the first ever player to win two Intel Grand Slams, the path to the $1,000,000, and the good form of their opponents, Complexity.

Twistzz, I'm gonna start off by talking about the narrative everybody is talking about coming into this event. The potential for FaZe to be getting that Intel Grand Slam after winning this event. So, how has that affected the team's mentality and approach coming into the playoffs?

For us is just any other event. Obviously, in every event we have another chance to take part of the Grand Slam away from other teams, and, technically, if we didn't mess up at Dallas it should have been ours already. So, right now is just working on claiming what is kind of ours.

That's a good mentality to have coming into things, particularly for you as well. You have a chance to potentially make history and become one of the first players to claim the Intel Grand Slam twice. Does that add any particular pressure or extra pressure for you as a player?

No, it's more motivation. I said it in a previous interview with ESL, but there are 15 players that already have a Grand Slam and it makes it not as special to only have one and if I can be the only one to have two, then it's special.

I just want to ask about your opponents in Complexity, big underdogs coming into this tournament as well. How are you approaching them? Is there been any particular gameplan coming up to face them?

I mean, people say our bracket is easier, but we actually have pretty strong teams in our bracket. It's not as clear as it can be. Liquid was in the top 5 before and now MOUZ are in the top 5 and it's by no means an easy bracket, an easy run to the final. Complexity actually played surprisingly well in practice. When you look at how they play fundamentally as a team, they seem a bit more structured than other opponents that we could face, so I think it will be a good game. Obviously, they are here representing North America.

At the end of the day, Twistzz and FaZe came out victorious after an intense battle with the Complexity boys. It wasn't pretty, but the superstar-stacked squad got the job done in three maps. FaZe will now face Cloud9 tomorrow at 01:00PM.

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