The Guatemalan is attending his first FRAG

malbsMd: "I think people have been underestimating us a lot lately"

malbsMd has high praise for this new iteration of oNe.

Following their win over British squad BLVKHVND, Jeffrey "Mnmzzz" Moore had a chance to sit down with Mario "malbsMd" Samayoa. Among other topics, the duo focused on malbsMd's return to oNe, oNe's recent qualification to the IEM Rio American RMR, and malbsMd's assessment that the community underestimates the Brazilian team.

To start, oNe has just come off of a quick win over BLVKHVND, what do you tell me about that match?

It was a good match, it was kind of easy for us. We knew how to read them so it was really good. Yeah, we were kind of expecting this one so gg's for them.

While playing BLVKHVND, did you notice anything different in their playstyle compared to the NA teams you're used to facing?

We're used to teams that play like that. They play off strats, not off defaults so we knew how to play against that and that was the easy part.

As this is your first Fragadelphia event, how have you been enjoying the event so far?

It has been really good, people here scream every time they win a round so its been a really good time. I've been enjoying the LAN a lot.

You recently rejoined oNe after a short stint with 00 Nation. Obviously things didn't go as the team were hoping despite all of the talented players on the team. Can you give some insight on what went wrong there?

I would say it was something related to the captain and coach not being to order the players so they could be comfortable in the roles they were picked up for. For example, I think leo_drk was a really good player but he wasn't playing his normal roles that he was used to so that was something he was struggling on. I was playing different roles than what was I used to from oNe so yeah that was the main reason it didn't work out.

Do you think this discomfort was a result of 00 Nation constantly swapping players out? Why do you think this chop and swap kept happening?

I would probably say it was kind of trying to play the game, a problem with the five people in the team. Everyone had different ideas on how to play the game and it wasn't working out. That was the main issue.

You spent a while on 00 Nation's bench after they began their rebuild. While on the bench you played with a few American mixes, was there ever the potential for this to lead into you joining an English-speaking team

Yeah, before rejoining oNe, my idea was to play in an American team because I feel more comfortable speaking English so my main focus was to find a team where I could communicate in English. I didn't work out so I had to go back to oNe and now I'm comfortable in here.

I remember when you first joined oNe in 2020 we talked about some of the language issues and how you spoke a Spanish-Portuguese mix where you tried to mash the two together into something workable. Has your Portuguese improved since then?

Since the beginning I've improved a lot for sure. I can fully speak Portuguese now and I feel like that has changed a lot in the team. At the beginning I had some issues with communicating fast or something like that. Now I can communicate and share my ideas with the team and that's where we're at now.

Does this mean you're now open to playing on any Portuguese-speaking team?

Yeah I am.

Why did you ultimately decide to return to oNe after your time on 00 Nation's bench?

I feel they have a good team and being in a good team, a good environment with your friends, where you enjoy the time playing with them is a really good team to be in. Playing with them has been an amazing time, I enjoyed playing with pesadelo and Maluk3 a lot when I was first there so I decided it was the best opportunity to be in for the Major and stuff like that. We're going to go farther and I think that was the main reason I joined back, the friendship we have.

How do you rate this new oNe squad with iDk and trk compared to the previous iterations of the team you played on?

In 2020, we had the firepower with b4rtiN, who was really good. Now I think the team is built better. iDk is a very good captain is Maluk3 has been AWPing very well and trk is a very solid player, I like him a lot. pesadelo is also insane, I like playing with him a lot. I feel like we're just so good together.

Outside of oNe, you've been spotted playing for Team Guatemala in the IESF qualifiers. Could you tell us about that situation and if you expect to play the Panam Open with them?

I'm expecting to go with them and the team is my good old friends from CS 1.6. They're really talented players and I'm trying to share my experience with them as the captain of the team. I have good reads so I feel like I am capable of being the IGL. I just want to give a shoutout to StAgE, he is a really good AWPer and people should keep an eye on him for the future. If he keeps playing he's going to be a really good player and I just want to take him to IESF so people see him.

Do you see StAgE as the next elite Guatemalan player after you? Are there any other Guatemalan talents you want to give a shoutout to?

The four players that are with me are really good but the problem is in Guatemala there are not many opportunities to play. I was the lucky one. I don't think they're going to go pro because they have work, and they're grown up already and all over 23 years old. It's going to be harder for them. If any opportunity comes to them, they're going to grab it for sure because they're really good. In case they go pro I'm going to wish them the best because they have the talent for that.

I believe an important reason you were able to breakout in NA was because of your time with FULL SEND and Infinity. Recently, Infinity qualified to the American RMR as pretty large underdogs. Do you think underestimate Infinity due to their previous ping issues.

People should not underestimate Infinity because they're really good and really talented. But, the thing they lack is experience. They don't play "good CS", they struggle in some basics which when we played against them we could really see that and take advantage of it. If they keep practicing they're going to get better and better.

I'm really happy for spamzzy and k1Nky that they stayed in CS and didn't go for VALORANT. They kept grinding and made it and I want to congratulate them.

Speaking of the American RMR, how do you feel about having to go to Stockholm for the event especially as a member of a Brazilian team?

It's going to be really tiring because of all the travel. But, it's going to be a really good opportunity to be in the home of CS and I'm excited for that. I'm really excited because I'm never been to Sweden before. I don't really care if they put it in Brazil or Sweden or anywhere, I just really want to play and qualify from there.

oNe have consistently qualified to the Minors/RMR but they've stumbled at the final step to qualify to the Majors. Do you think this oNe squad was the pieces to take this last step?

I think people have been underestimating us a lot lately. This is the best team oNe has had compared to the past. This is a really solid and I think there's a chance we can qualify and I'm really hoping we can do that. I'm just trusting my teammates.

After besting BLVKHVND, oNe qualified to the main stage of Fragadelphia 17 after besting Victorum. They will be back in action tomorrow once the groups are assembled for the $100k LAN.

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