IEM Rio Open Qualifier 2 starts up, eight teams remain

The second chance for NA teams to make the RMR in Stockholm begins now.

The time is almost upon us to determine two more teams to join Liquid, Furia, Complexity, and Squirtle Squad in the NA RMR in Sweden. From there, NA's representatives for the major will be found. But, we're getting ahead of ourselves. First, we have to find out who takes the top two spots in the second Open Qualifier.

Tune into our live stream following the games for commentary and casting!

08:40PM - Down to 32 teams, ECL teams find victory, EG barely scrapes by

As tournament favorites Evil Geniuses secure another stomp, 16-1 this time, Challenger League teams continue to defeat their lower-ranked opposition. These best-of-one matches haven't produced any big-name upsets quite yet outside CLG Red's loss in the round of 64. Here are the most important games of the next matches:

Detonate 11-16 timbermen
oNe 16-3 Northern Forces
Evil Geniuses 19-17 Limitless
Strife 16-3 Victorum
Unjustified 16-5 ATK

07:55PM - Round of 32 underway, CLG Red eliminated

With all the favorites sans CLG Red making it through the previous round, including a 16-0 from resident top-seed Evil Geniuses, more competitive matches are sure to come as winners continue to face winners in these next sixteen matches.

Evil Geniuses 16-1 Magic Light
Limitless 16-11 MERCENARI-OS
Strife 16-6 Cyberstorm
Snakes Den 13-16 Victorum
Timbermen 16-5 DNA
Eros 13-16 Unjustified

07:00PM - First round of eliminations occur, favorites now play

With the round of 128 completed, there are no more byes for the best teams in the qualifier. Teams like EG and ATK will have to finally have to play, and with the worst teams eliminated, more competitive matchups are on the cards.

Evil Geniuses 16-0 beater squadron
Brazen 16-14 X13
Victorum 16-10 Take Flyte

06:00PM - 100 Thieves Teams duke it out

The second open qualifier begins in the round of 128 with 100 total teams signed up for the tournament. Most of the big-name teams get a bye in this round, but this is an excellent opportunity for some of the lesser-known teams to make a mark and set themselves up for a positive run in the qualifier.

Jason's Heroes 4-16 Kitfoxes
Alcatraz Swim Team 16-4 Mouz NXT NXT
Valence 16-5 LotionDrinkers23
X13 16-3 forsaken

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