Grim stated that the squad's poor showings have been difficult for him

Grim: "Every other team has pressure because they don't want to be the first to lose to Complexity"

While lamenting his team's recent results, Grim still had plenty of praise for teammates and other NA players.

With their loss to Astralis yesterday, Complexity end the first half of their 2022 season with a devastating streak of losses that has not seen them notch a series win since their victory over Mongolian side IHC at the PGL Major Antwerp Challengers Stage. With their early exit in the IEM Cologne Play-in, Complexity will now be out of action for over a month as the summer player break is soon set to begin.

Following Complexity's game against Astralis,' Liam "Slevo" Slevin caught Complexity's Michael "Grim" Wince to share his thoughts on the team's lackluster showings. Despite how rough things have been for the North American side, Grim remained hopeful in the interview, heaping praise on teammates like Johnny "JT" Theodosiou and Ricky "floppy" Kemery, and sharing his hopes for countrymen Ben "ben1337" Smith and Alan "Shakezullah" Hardeman.

Out against Astralis on the first day of Play-in; tell us what went wrong in that game?

I think on Overpass we lost both pistols, the CT one we were so close to winning and that kind of messed us up because if you lose both pistols it makes it really hard to win the map. At least for that game, the pistols screwed us. But we had some close rounds as well we definitely could have won and they just didn't go our way so they won Overpass. Then on Nuke I feel like on CT-side it was very competitive and we kept it pretty well, but on T-side, our plans kind of fell flat, blameF was destroying us outside and we couldn't really find a counter so we ended up losing that map too.

Unfortunately for you, this loss means the end of your season, what are your plans for the off-season to reset ahead of next season?

Definitely take a break from the game. I know that's not what everybody would assume I'd do but after losing so many games it really takes a toll on the mental and honestly, I just need to reset fully and come prepared next season. Probably spend time with friends and family and try my best to take a break from the game and just do outside stuff to mentally reset for next season.

As you said there, you've lost quite a few games in a row. How tough is that for you as a team to keep your morale up and go into each game with a good mentality?

I think it's very tough to keep going. I think losing, in general, it's not too bad to keep going if it's just a couple games, but after losing as much as we have, I think it's eleven in a row right now, it could definitely be tough. But as a team, we are definitely trying to go into every game being like "this is the one guys, we are going to break the streak, every team has pressure because they don't want to be the first to lose to Complexity." So we are going in thinking that we can beat every game but it's definitely tough for sure, and I think it's affecting some of us, me personally as well.

You and junior went back as far as Triumph, and to my knowledge, you haven't played with the Extra Salt trio before. From those three, who has impressed you the most in terms of work ethic and the way they put themselves together?

In terms of work ethic, JT has impressed me the most. He's always the first one in, he's grinding demos, bringing new stuff to practice, working on his individual skill and really stepping up in terms of working. I'd say the most skilled, floppy displays a lot of skill in the server, everyone sees that is a guy who can do whatever role, and he does it really well without complaining. I think that's really good to have on a team, someone that's selfless and can do every role possible without complaining about it, even the tough ones. Like, B monster Overpass, B Mirage, it's really hard spots so it can be annoying sometimes, and he does it well, and in my opinion, does it way better than others so I think he's a really good player.

We touched on the off-season earlier a little bit. A report that just broke in the middle of your game states that Stewie2K and RUSH will be out of Evil Geniuses. Having played with Stewie2K in the past, what are your thoughts on that as a move for Evil Geniuses as a team?

Personally, I think Stewie2K is one of the smartest players I've ever played with, and I think that things just didn't go his way on EG, the team didn't mesh well, you know it happens. I definitely think if he wants to find a new home he can find one easily, or if he wants to go to VALORANT he could do that too, he could do whatever he wants, I have high respect for him as a player. As for the team, I think it could be really good for them to get new fresh people in with Brehze and CeRq, I think they're super good and if they can find their form again from 2019, then I think that EG can become a top contender again for sure.

Evil Geniuses have also announced the Blueprint project, with Carpe Diem and Party Astronauts coming in. From playing with those guys in the North American scene for as long as you have, who individually from those projects do you think will benefit the most from being with an organization like Evil Geniuses?

For me, I'm friends with ben1337 from Party Astronauts, I think he's gotten kinda screwed over with orgs for a while now, so I'm glad that EG is giving those two teams a chance, especially Party Astronauts because I think he really deserves it. I think with good support by the organization, that team can actually do really well and come to surprise some people with time. I think Carpe Diem is really good too. I'm just glad, these players haven't ever had support like this from any organization, like the support to have a bootcamp. Being able to bootcamp on LAN with your teammates actually helps a lot with chemistry, so maybe we can see something from those two teams when they improve over time.

Another change that also happened recently is the benching of adreN, your former coach during your stint on Liquid. Could you see him maybe going to one of the lower-tier teams, and what do you think he could bring as a coach to some of the younger blood in the NA scene?

For me, working with adreN was amazing. He was a very good guy, a good friend, and he's very smart at the game, very knowledgeable. Every single match he always came with a good game plan, after our matches he would review it really well and pinpoint what went wrong really well. I think that he could find a new home easily if he wanted to. I also know he has a kid, so he might want to focus on his family a bit, it's just on him to figure out what he wants to do in his life, but I wish him the best of luck either way and I think that on any team he can provide an instant boost of potential.

In NA, before Evil Geniuses signed them, Carpe Diem and Party Astronauts were two of the best tier-two teams that were unsigned for a while. Who for you will be a player or a team that would be the next one on the list that deserves a chance with an organization?

Outside of those two teams, for me personally, it's gonna be Bad News Bears, just because I have high respect for Shakezullah as an IGL. What he can do with players is amazing, and I think that given time and given players that he thinks can fit into his system, he can be really good and that team, or any team that Shakezullah is on, will impress with time.

With their defeat at the hands of Astralis, Complexity will now have plenty of time to go back to the drawing board before the squad's next outing. Complexity will next be back in action in mid-August when the team will begin their run in the BLAST Premier Fall Groups.

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