Swisher shines to headline Dust2's Team of the Month for June

Despite ATK's shortcoming in ECL, Swisher showed his dominance amongst his peers.

At the beginning of each month, Dust2 commemorates the best players inside the North American Counter-Strike scene by awarding five domestic talents over the three major competitive layers as members of Dust2’s Team of the Month.

This monthly award is handed out to the most impressive tier-one professional North American talents, as well as the best players inside of the second tier, most notably teams competing in ESL Challenger’s League. Lastly, to highlight the next best upcoming talent inside of the scene, at least one spot is given to the best player in ESEA Advanced over the month.

The aim of this award is not only to continue to spread the good word of some of the best players in the scene today, but also to give a platform of discovery to rising talents who may dominate the servers of tomorrow. As a part of the mission to improve our coverage within the scene, monthly recognition of the best players across the region comes as a natural step in growth.

In our efforts to continue highlighting the performances of the region’s best talents, it is only right that the coaches receive the proper spotlight. Accompanying the five players chosen for the Team of the Month will also be the Coach of the Month, to ensure the mind behind the talent gets its deserved recognition.

Topping off this list is none other than the current king of North America, Russel "Twistzz" Van Dulken. The Canadian and Faze Clan star saw a minor slowdown after achieving historic success together over the last few months, placing 5th-6th twice and finishing the month with a second place Roobet Cup finish against BIG in three maps.

Regardless of that fact, Twistzz presented himself once again as a top talent in one of the best teams in the world as a representative of the North American region. His 1.13 rating against top competition over 29 maps and three events this month has him comfortably sitting atop the mountain in NA. The cherry on top for the month would have been an event win, but regardless, another notch on Twistzz's belt as the top talent in the region should help patch the wound.

Joining Twistzz in the ECL echelons is ATK star Michael "Swisher" Schmid. He has been lights out this month for his team, ending June with a 1.34 rating and 91 ADR over 21 maps. His dominant rifling was a major catalyst for ATK winning two Cash Cups on the month, ending both cups with at least a 1.30 rating. Despite his best efforts in ESL Challenger League, his team fell short in the final against paiN to qualify for the ESL Conference. Nevertheless, Swisher as an individual talent has shown out as one of the best of the month.

Representing Brazil for the second time on this list is Rodrigo "biguzera" Bittencourt, who was pivotal for his team in the appearances made this month. paiN was only seen twice in June, finishing out the ECL season and competing in the BLAST Spring Final. Despite their poor showing at the BLAST event, they were able to turn it on for the end of the ECL season, toppling ATK in a BO3 in the finals to earn their spot at the ESL Conference later this year.

Accompanying the top talent from the Advanced side of things is Tianyi "Fr3nk1e" He. The ONET4P star has been tearing up the Advanced scene, and his efforts have his team in the upper bracket final in the playoffs, just two games shy of advancing to the coveted ECL stage. This month has been dominant for Fr3nk1e, as the talent has torn up his ladder en route to the playoffs. In the playoffs, the impact did not stop, as he finished only one map with a negative rating in pursuit of his team achieving an upper bracket final matchup. At least this month, Fr3nk1e was able to prove his ability to bring it against the top domestic opponents on his ladder.

The fifth player for the month is Davenport University's William "spek" Smith. This collegiate talent has been on a tear the last two months, which has earned him his second consecutive place on this list. Over his 20 maps played in June, he finished with an average 1.20 rating, 87.7 ADR, and 1.36 impact, among others. All of this impact was made against the top talents in Advanced, in pursuit of an ECL spot. spek's efforts have the Univerity playing the aforementioned ON3T4P in the upper bracket final with the winner another step closer to the ECL Conference spot.

Rounding out the list as the Coach of the Month is Daniel "sprayxd" Kogan, representing ATK. In an effort to find their stride, the international team won two ESEA Cash Cups this month, earning themselves a nice piece of loot to support themselves. Following the Cash Cup success, the team carried their efforts to the tail end of the ECL season, with the winner earning their place at the Conference. Despite their best efforts, the team fell short the paiN, missing a chance at the Conference. Despite that, the team finished the month with a record of 16-5, as well as the highest team rating across all of CS:GO (min. 15 maps). Regardless of the shortcomings, the team has plenty to build on in the months to come, largely in part to efforts of their coach.

Dust2’s Team of the Month for June is:

  • Canada Russel “Twistzz” Van Dulken

  • United States Michael "Swisher" Schmid

  • Brazil Rodrigo “biguzera” Bittencourt

  • Tianyi "Fr3nk1e" He

  • United States William “spek” Smith

  • Daniel “sprayxd” Kogan (Coach)

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