SiGMA Esports Cup in Toronto set to begin

The Canadian Valors will look to defend their homeland against their American neighbours.

The SiGMA Esports Cup organized by GMR in conjunction with the SiGMA Festival will begin it's group stage today. The four teams taking part are Davenport Panthers, The Jungle, ONET4P, and Valors.

The matches being played today are round-robin BO1 games which will seed the four teams for the playoffs tomorrow. No teams will be eliminated in the group stage however losing a match may place teams in an disadvantageous semifinal.

The schedule which was previously not revealed is now public, with the first match starting at 09:00AM. Each match will have an hour and forty-five minutes to be played before the next is due to start.

The full schedule for the first day is below:

  • 09:00AM - The Jungle vs Canada Valors

  • 09:00AM - Canada Valors vs United States Davenport

  • 09:00AM - United States Davenport vs The Jungle

  • 09:00AM - The Jungle vs United States ONET4P

  • 09:00AM - United States ONET4P vs Canada Valors

  • 09:00AM - United States Davenport vs United States ONET4P

The second day will also start at the same time:

  • 09:00AM - First Semifinal

  • 12:30PM - Second Semifinal

  • 04:00PM - Grand Final

Teams will be competing for a $5,000 first-place prize, with a $2,500 consolation prize going to the runners-up. All the matches will all be streamed on GMR's twitch channel and the standings can be followed here.

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