FURIA retains number one spot in Dust2 Power Rankings for June

Imperial jumps to third, Party Astronauts falls out of orbit.

The month of May gave us CS:GO fans plenty of games to watch but more importantly provided us with storylines worthy of a theScore esports video, from Cash Cups to the start of IEM Dallas. Not to mention the PGL Antwerp Major, an event that not only gave one of the best IGLs of all time his first Major but also saw a Canadian win a Major title for the first time. At the Major, all the way down to the cash cups a fact found in April remains true in May; Brazil dominated.

To provide a transparent summary of the ranking process, here is a breakdown of the Dust2 Ranking process:

Our team rankings are chosen based on a series of measurements where each team is allocated points dependent on where they rank compared to their peers. This point-based system puts all domestic and international results, HLTV ranking, the tier of play, and coaches polling into consideration. While we include the HLTV rankings to some degree, there is more weight that is given to the select number of coaches within the scene that are ranking the teams due to their accurate ability in judging play outside of the regional matches.

#1 Brazil FURIA (arT, yuurih, KSCERATO, saffee, drop) (-)

Top dogs once again as FURIA continue their dominance in the Americas region. They are number one and honestly, it isn't even close. Andrei "arT" Piovezan and company were the only team to make it to the Champions Stage at the Major where they, unfortunately, fell to overachievers Spirit. However, this should not take away from the fact that they are currently the consistently best team in the region.

At IEM Dallas FURIA have continued their dominance, beating Imperial easily and then sweeping Cloud9 aside, with an event back in the Americas this is the chance for them to make their mark. The only major hiccup in the road for FURIA this month was losing to paiN in the Spring Showdown which can be put down to paiN finding unbelievable form at that event. That aside, it is safe to say that FURIA wears the Americas crown and I don't expect that to change.

June Events: Roobet Cup

#2 United States Liquid (EliGE, NAF, oSee, nitr0, shox) (-)

I wish I could say that Liquid is putting the region of North America on their back and finding their 2018 form, but the only thing that they are consistently doing is breaking hearts. Despite beating their boogieman, Astralis, to make the Legends stage at the Major, they went 0-3 and once again could not make it onto the playoffs. Both Imperial and FURIA, the two other Americas teams in the Legends stage lasted longer.

Since that defeat, Liquid has been set to release French import Richard "shox" Papillon, and uncertainty regarding their mental game has sparked, something which Jonathan "EliGE" Jablonowski has recently opened up about in interviews. Regardless of these rumors, the squad has been able to make waves at IEM Dallas, not going out at the first opportunity and beating Imperial to stay alive. At the end of this month, Liquid continues to sit second in the Americas, but it will be interesting to see how long they can hold that spot if they continue these lackluster displays.

June events: None

#3 Brazil Imperial (FalleN, fnx, fer, boltz, VINI) (+4)

One of the most exciting teams at the Major, Imperial won over many fans' hearts as the Brazilian Last Dance roster went on a tear and found themselves only one game away from the Champions stage. It was a massive shame that they could not make it but it does not take away from a great run, especially when you consider they had no coach.

The great form they found at the Major did not continue into Dallas but they will no doubt be working hard to gain momentum up until the Rio Major which Gabriel "FalleN" Toledo has stated is the goal for the squad. After winning so many hearts and minds, the veterans of Brazil have moved to third all the way to seventh and continue to push the narrative of South American dominance in Counter-Strike.

June Events: Pinnacle Cup Championship

#4 United States Complexity (JT, floppy, FaNg, Grim, junior) (-1)

Complexity had a disappointing month which started with a crushing 16-1 defeat to Vitality to kick off their PGL Antwerp Major journey. The young side was able to bounce back to scrape a win past the Mongolian side IHC but since then have not been able to get another win to their name.

It was not only the Major that Complexity disappointed, at IEM Dallas they fell to both MIBR, who had a coach stand-in, and NIP who were missing one of their most influential players. With these awful losses, questions continue to surround the squad regarding their communication issues and their lack of a strong AWPer at a tier one level. It's clear that something needs to change and with the player break coming up, Complexity will likely be a part of the post-major shuffle.

June Events: Global Esports Tour Dubai, Roobet Cup

#5 Brazil MIBR (chelo, exit, tuurtle, JOTA, brnz4n) (-1)

MIBR started the month on a hot streak with a promising start to the Major, they went 2-2 in the first stage only to lose out to fan favorites Bad News Eagles. The squad failed to qualify after having, what some would consider, an easier run through the stage. Following the Major they made a roster move by bringing in Breno "brnz4n" Poletto, however, they have not yet been able to play with him other than in a show match against OG.

At the very end of the month, on the same day as they dominated Complexity in IEM Dallas with their coach as a stand-in they lost to Bad News Bears in ESL Challenger League. The circumstances of having played at a LAN that same day should be considered however this sums up MIBR recently, inconsistent. For this reason, they find themselves down by one spot in the rankings.

June Events: Pinnacle Cup Championship

#6 Brazil GODSENT (TACO, latto, b4rtiN, dumau, HEN1) (-1)

Despite a lack of Major contention due to not qualifying for the RMR, GODSENT had an eventful month with good wins in the ESL Challenger League and a first-place finish in the Valencia North American close qualifier. A tight win against paiN, who had beat them earlier in the month and were on a hot streak, set them up to be the best performing team in the Americas that did not attend the Major.

One of the most well-rounded teams in the Americas, only Epitácio "TACO" de Melo ended the month with a rating below 1.0 with everybody else above 1.14. The team may be doing well in its ratings but the lack of Major and Dallas attendance leaves them with no tier one showing this month. Which is likely the reason they find themselves down from last month by one. Taco and the squad will need to find their form against big opponents if they hope to become a top-five Americas team.

June Events: Roobet Cup

#7 Brazil paiN (PKL, NEKIZ, hardzao, biguzera, nython) (+1)

paiN had a fantastic May, with their coach winning Dust2 Coach of the Month after some stunning results in the events they played. The squad won the ESEA Spring 2022 Cash Cup and had a great run in the BLAST Spring Showdown, netting wins against domestic giants Liquid, FURIA, and MIBR, taking both MIBR and FURIA in only two maps each. On top of these wins, they came second in the ESL Challenger Valencia 2022 North America Closed Qualifier, losing out to GODSENT in a best of three for first.

Another example of an extremely well-rounded team in the Americas, there is no member of the team below a 1.12 rating whilst Rodrigo "biguzera" Bittencourt led the squad with an insane 1.23 rating on the month. paiN gain a spot in the rankings after ending the month with 22 wins and only seven losses.

June Events: BLAST Premier Spring Final

#8 9z (max, dgt, Luken, rox, dav1d) (+3)

Despite a lackluster display at the Major, this was expected from 9z. The feat of making the Major was a great achievement in its own right and the fact that days before the Major started their coach, Rafael "zakk" Fernandes, was ESIC banned only hindered their fleeting chances.

At the PGL Antwerp Major, 9z was able to put up a fight, taking MIBR to 16-14 but still overachieved by qualifying. Regardless of their over-achievement, shortly after the end of the Major, the organization announced that they had benched Luca "Luken" Nadotti, who despite being older than the average member of the team, was an essential part of their Major qualification. The lack of games they played this month has not negatively affected their rating, unlike EG, as they have now gained two spots from being tenth last month.

June Events: Roobet Cup

#9 United States EG (Brehze, CeRq, Stewie2k, autimatic, RUSH) (-3)

EG had a disappointing month in April which left the taste of disappointment in many fans' mouths, they choked at the RMR and everybody had questions about what changes the organization would make to remedy the situation. The decision that was made was not what anybody expected, or at least not what anybody hoped for. Instead of fixing their firepower issues or their lack of a dominant AWP, EG opted to remove their coaching staff, getting rid of Damien "maLeK" Marcel but also letting the other two assistant coaches know through the Twitter announcement.

The lack of activity from EG hasn't inspired much hope as they have fallen three spaces in the rankings down from sixth. Only time will tell if the organization can make the changes necessary to maintain its spot as a top ten Americas team. With the organization announcing their fifteen man roster today, who knows what EG will look like this time in July.

June Events: Pinnacle Cup Championship

#10 United States Carpe Diem (Walco, wiz, HexT, chop, CLASIA) (+1)

Replacing Party Astronauts, Carpe Diem comes into the rankings for the first time. Ironically the biggest win that Carpe Diem had this month was against Party Astronauts in the ESEA Spring 2022 Cash Cup in a narrow 2-1 victory. The squad would go on to finish second, losing out to the unstoppable force of paiN.

Their other big win of the month was in the same cash cup against ATK, who has been up and down in terms of form in recent months. Outside the second-place finish at the cash cup, Carpe Diem's wins have been relatively predictable in Challenger League against opponents such as BHOP and Mythic. However a win is a win and thanks to the efforts of Anthony "CLASIA" Kearney with a 1.10 rating in May, Carpe Diem finds themselves at tenth and will be fighting off teams such as PA and Strife for that position in June. With the announcement of the lineup joining Evil Geniuses' fifteen-man project, this marks the last time we see the Carpe Diem branding in the Dust2 Rankings.

June Events: None

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