SLIGHT wasn't the only Strife member who got to have fun on LAN last weekend

Valors (and J0LZ) win LAN ETS 2022

With the help of Strife's French-Canadian fragger, Valors won the mainstay Québécois LAN last weekend.

Valors, with David "J0LZ" Jolin in place of Gabriel "tENSKI" Rodrigue, won the Montreal-based LAN ETS 2022 last weekend, besting fellow Advanced squad Plasma VitaPLUR gum to take home the top prize of $2,556.09.

This iteration of LAN ETS featured a respectable 21 teams, albeit largely consisting of amateur and lower level mixteams. In the group stage, Valors put up a perfect 5-0 record, with only one map going to double digits. In playoffs, Valors continued to put up a strong performance, clinching close 2-0 wins over Vexo and Plasma VitaPLUR gum before facing off against the latter squad in the grand finals.

Due to coming from the upper bracket, Valors had a one-map advantage in the best of three series. Despite this, the opening map, Inferno, went the distance as it went to quadruple overtime before Valors clinched the map 28-25.

Top four at LAN ETS 2022 was:

1. Canada Valors (Melio Gabie, Sup3rant, YuZ, J0LZ) - $2,556.09
2. Canada Plasma VitaPLUR gum (PNDLM, chew, Prevox, crux, bored) - $1,084.40
3. Canada Able (XPL, froNt^M, kizy, rTb, CHUCKKK) - $619.65
4. Canada Vexo (ANX1ETY, BiNoX, KRL, kicking, JojoR7)

Valors currently have a 5-2 record in ESEA Advanced Season 41. Their next match will be against Eros on May 23rd at 09:00PM.

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