Spinx led the way in the series against Copenhagen Flames with a 1.47 rating

Spinx: "I think we are one of the best teams in the world"

The Israeli sensation shared some of his thoughts after ENCE advanced to the Major semi-final.

Liam Slevin from Dust2.us got the opportunity to chat with Lotan "Spinx" Giladi after ENCE eliminated Copenhagen Flames from the PGL Antwerp Major in a comfortable fashion. The two discussed ENCE's recent form, where he rates himself amongst the best in the world, and their potential semi-final opponent.

So I am here with Spinx, you guys have just made it to the semi-finals of the Major. How are you feeling and what are your thoughts right after the game?

It's an amazing feeling. I am happy to be here, but yeah, I don't have too much else to say.

You mentioned the crowd here, this has been your first Major in front of a crowd. Do you think that puts extra pressure on you or is it just any other tournament for you?

No, not really. I trust my team and I trust everyone around us, so that lets me focus on the game so I try to forget about the crowd.

You played against Copenhagen Flames and you guys didn't seem to be in trouble for the majority of the match. What can you say about their performance and was there anything they did that surprised you?

We got a bit surprised by their Vertigo pick but we managed to pull it out and our comms were pretty good. We just kept going even when we lost some of the rounds and we kept going no matter what. When we do it, I think we are one of the best teams in the world.

You played Vertigo in the first map and we saw you pick up the AWP in a few rounds. Is that something you want to do more or was it just based on the map?

On Vertigo, sometimes we like to switch it up and hades will take the rifle over to A and I will take the AWP to B. With all the smokes and shit going on it can be a lot harder to play with the AWP so we try to mix it up and if they see hades with the AWP in one round and he could say "Hey, give me the rifle to go mid or A".

You had a really good series and you have been in such good form all year. Where would you rank yourself in terms of the best players in the world?

A lot of people have said that I am top 5 or top 10, but I think that I am around top 20 or top 30. I think there are a lot of good players around and I still need to improve, but yeah at the moment I think that I am around the top 20 or top 30.

You guys have been in great form and you are being led by Snappi who has been around the block and who has done so much in the scene, what can you say about his leadership and what he has done in this team?

Snappi is amazing and he is an amazing leader both in and outside the game. He also helps us a lot with his experience when it comes to the crowd and things like telling us what to do and telling us not to care about certain things. He is just amazing.

The next quarter-final is between NAVI and Heroic. You guys will play the winner so which team would you rather be playing?

I would prefer to play Heroic and I think we would be more confident against them because we beat them already. I am not too sure if they would be able to beat NAVI since I think NAVI is on point but yeah I guess we will see.

ENCE now eagerly await their semifinal against NAVI. ENCE will be back on the server tussling with the CIS heavyweights tomorrow at 02:00PM.

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May 20, 2022 06:23PM
i mean they are one of the best teams in the world...
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