Hades has his eye on the trophy

hades: "I think we are better as the underdogs"

The Polish star was ecstatic after making it to the semi-final.

After a dominant win by ENCE over Copenhagen Flames, Dust2.us' Dafydd Gwynn had the chance to grab some post-game comments from Aleksander "hades" Miskiewicz. The win for the young squad puts them into the semi-finals where they will face either Heroic or NAVI.

That's a huge win for you guys going forward, especially in the fashion that you guys did it, I'd say you were the favorite for that game but from here on out you guys are the underdogs, how do you guys feel about that?

I think we are fine, we have pretty much always been the underdog in the recent tournaments. I think we are better as the underdogs.

How would you say not being the underdogs affected your performance in this game?

I think we performed well, we prepared well for the game, but we didn't put any pressure on ourselves, we just enjoyed the game and did what we had to do.

We saw some role shifts, with Spinx on the AWP a lot on that CT-side Vertigo, is that something that you had planned permanently, or was this specifically just for this one game?

I think on A sometimes the AWP is useless when people just lurk around the smokes, so it's better to have a rifle and mid is good for the AWP, so me and Spinx just switched it around on the CT-side.

In that first map Dycha went absolutely insane, how important is it to have your stars shine like that in games?

(laughs) I think it's important for us, I think anyone on our team can shine, like me, Spinx, dycha, Snappi has games, Maden has games. Everyone on our team can shine so I think it's really good to have all five players that are very capable of doing it.

Who is going to need to step up and shine in your next match-up, depending on who it is, for you guys to take the game?

I think we just need to play our game, I'm not sure who exactly can shine. I think, however, we can have a good game that will bring us to victory.

Say you guys get NAVI in your next match-up, Are there any maps that you are specifically looking to play against these guys?

I don't think we are thinking about it yet, we will see the results of today's game, we haven't thought about it yet.

Do you have a favorite you want to play?

Nah. We play whoever.

And you can beat whoever?

I think so.

With ENCE successful over Copenhagen Flames, they will be playing the winner of the NAVI and Heroic game that is currently ongoing. They are scheduled to play tomorrow in the semifinal at 02:00PM.

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