EliGE can't bear the possibility of going 0-2 again

FURIA and Liquid's pre-match thoughts ahead of Major clash

Dust2.us got the opportunity to quickly speak with Jonathan "EliGE" Jablonowski from Liquid and Marcos "tacitus" Castilho from FURIA before the second round match.

The seeding was not in the favor of fans of the Americas, with the best of South America, FURIA, set to take on the best of North America, Liquid. The implications of this game are clear, the loser heads down to the dreaded 0-2 matchup where Liquid has found themselves once already this tournament. We got the chance to catch up with representatives from either side ahead of the match to get some insight into the team mentality.

We first spoke to EliGE from Liquid on their plan against a familiar opponent.

You have an NA matchup, where you have a tough 0-1 matchup for today, what is your gameplan for today, and what are you looking to try and exploit out of FURIA?

Well, we pretty much have to shut down art’s aggression and put it into a 5v4 and then we just gotta be good in the 5v4s.

tacitus took the liberty to respond to our question of what their keys to winning were.

You’re down 0-1, so a tough first-round loss. You’re going up against Liquid who you know pretty well, what are going to be your keys to winning today’s game?

I don’t think there is anything specific on keys to winning the match, it’s mostly playing our game. You know, it’s a regional matchup. We know them really well, they know us really well. We’ve practiced against them. It goes both ways, I think both teams know one another really well. At that point, it comes down to the individuals and the situation.

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