boltz expanded on what went wrong in Imperial's matchup with Bad News Eagles earlier today

boltz wants to take on his former MIBR teammates tomorrow

boltz thinks Imperial still have a chance to advance to the Legends stage of the Major.

Continuing on with' interviews at the PGL Major in Antwerp, Ryan Friend was able to catch up with Imperial's Ricardo "boltz" Prass. The pair spoke about Imperial's preparation for their match versus Bad News Eagles, how boltz feels he has performed thus far at the Major, and who boltz would like to face in their 1-2 matchup tomorrow.

Your game versus Bad News Eagles looked a bit hard in the first half, why did you guys choose Vertigo? What was your thinking going in that?

Yeah, the map was between Vertigo and Nuke. We kind of wanted to play Dust2 but they vetoed it so it was Vertigo. We know it's not our best map but we are comfortable playing it but we just started very bad on T-side.

For your game plan against Bad News Eagles, did you guys have anything you were specifically looking to do against them? Did you see any weaknesses in their team overall?

We know they start very strong and we looked to play more slowly and focus on A. We usually have good impact there but we didn't finish the rounds, we didn't cover the guy planting, we lost the after plants. So, we started with our plan and it was working, we just didn't close out the rounds.

So you felt like the game just got away from you and some silly mistakes are what cost you?

Yeah, we lost the first pistol in a 5v5 retake, and after the first gun round we had a 3v2 and didn't cover the guy planting. Those small mistakes we did cost us those first few rounds.

So, now do you feel the pressure being 1-2 or are you guys still confident that you can get out of this and qualify?

I don't think we can think too much about it because if we're going to think "If we lose this then we're out" then we're going to have more pressure. So, we're going to play our game, prepare against whoever we're going to play and try to do our best and not think too much about it.

So, obviously, the mood inside of the team after this loss isn't great. But before and overall, how has the mood been leading up to this game?

Yeah the team is super-happy to be here at the Major, we are still just a new team - just three months old - but we are very comfortable together, we talk well, but after a loss it's always kind of sad. But overall, everything is all good.

Who would you most like to play in that 1-2 game tomorrow?

I don't know (laughs), maybe against MIBR - my old teammates.

And then, how do you feel your own individual performance has been so far at the Major?

I don't think I had much to do on the first map since I played B on both sides of Dust2, and the game is hard when you don't see anything. Inferno against Liquid, I did a very good job and the team played amazing too, so we had a very good map. The first map wasn't very good for us, the communication wasn't the best and it's the first map of the Major so there's a lot of pressure. This game of Vertigo, we basically played just one side, on CT, because our T-side was very bad, it was so-so.

Imperial will now be waiting to find out their opponent for the 1-2 matchup tomorrow, with elimination from the Major very much on the cards for the Brazilian squad.

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