nosraC topped the event with a 1.27 rating

LGG Snakes Den win Fragadelphia 17 Denver

LGG Snakes Den kept it close in all three of their games this event.

The second LAN of the Fragadelphia 17 circuit has come to a close, seeing Damian "droid" Boulware's LGG Snakes Den come out on top over Luxe after a brutally long grand final. This result means that LGG Snakes Den will receive direct qualification for Fragadelphia 17.

After a bye in their opening match of the event, LGG Snakes Den tussled with Davenport University's squad in the upper bracket semifinals. The Panthers secured the first map of Inferno 16-12, but LGG Snakes Den bounced back, snatching Nuke 16-11 and the decider map of Overpass 16-6 to move on to the upper bracket final against Eros.

LGG Snakes Den started their series against Eros in a similar fashion to the game against the Davenport Panthers, in that they started a map down, as Eros secured their pick of Vertigo 16-14. LGG Snakes Den were undeterred by this, as Carson "nosraC" O'Reilly posted an astounding 2.18 rating on their pick of Inferno to sweep the map 16-6. LGG Snakes Den kept this momentum up into the decider map of Overpass, claiming that 16-12 to march on to the grand final.

The grand final pitted LGG Snakes Den against Luxe, who just finished up a three series-long streak in the lower bracket to reach the BO5 final. LGG Snakes Den started with a map advantage thanks to coming from the upper bracket, but this lead was quickly whittled away by Luxe, who won their first pick of Mirage 16-13 and stole away LGG Snakes Den's pick of Overpass 16-12.

Now down 1-2 in the series, things were starting to look bleak for LGG Snakes Den, but just as in every other match where they started with a deficit, they persisted. A solid 16-9 showing on Nuke tied up the series, taking it to the final map of Dust2. After a brutal back and forth game that resulted in overtime, LGG Snakes Den overcame Luxe, taking the map 19-17 and securing the series 3-2.

LGG Snakes Den
3 - 2
All maps
LGG Snakes Den K - D +/- ADR KAST Rating 2.0
United States Andrew 'VulcaN' Dominguez 98 - 81 +17 87.1 72.0% 1.25
United States Carson 'nosraC' O'Reilly 96 - 79 +17 84.1 67.8% 1.18
United States Brett 'brett' Rhein 88 - 83 +5 82.5 71.2% 1.08
United States Damian 'droid' Boulware 75 - 71 +4 68.3 66.9% 0.99
Adam 'nbgee12' Zanzoul 66 - 85 -19 65.0 68.6% 0.90
timbermen K - D +/- ADR KAST Rating 2.0
United States Matthew 'nero' Seymour 93 - 80 +13 82.3 64.4% 1.11
United States Shane 'shane' Dressler 85 - 85 +0 81.6 67.8% 1.09
United States Wyatt 'snav' Phillippi 78 - 83 -5 77.6 68.6% 1.00
United States Derek 'dare' Brown 76 - 94 -18 71.4 65.3% 0.95
United States Kyle 'KEL' Murray 66 - 82 -16 58.8 61.9% 0.84

The final standings of Fragadelphia 17 Denver are:

1. United States LGG Snakes Den (droid, VulcaN, brett, nosraC, nbgee12) - $3,000, 8,000 Fragadelphia Points, and invite to Fragadelphia 17
2. United States Luxe (dare, snav, shane, nero, KEL) - $1,500 and 4,000 Fragadelphia Points
3. United States Eros (zzluck, seb, Gonzo, TheLesserAltomare, Irish) - $500 and 2,000 Fragadelphia Points
4. United States Davenport Panthers (Pugg, BeBo, CoJoMo, corn, spek) - 2,000 Fragadelphia Points
5-6. United States Levitate Rising (Heekz, Locke, doctorjazz, blessA, LTC) - 100 Fragadelphia Points
5-6. United States Baja Blasted (kettle, Creachur, Rc, cozy, mach1ne) - 100 Fragadelphia Points
7. United States Conscious (a16mm, kazi, Zeni, trz_ts, HotJustice) - 100 Fragadelphia Points

The next event in the Fragadelphia 17 circuit is coming soon, with Fragadelphia 17 Brentwood slated to start on May 14th. Teams interested in the Brentwood, MO event can sign up for that here.

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