Shakezullah will look to supercharge the team while in Poland

Bad News Bears start six-week Polish bootcamp

Bad News Bears look to return to America in mid-May with sharpened claws after sparring with Europe's best.

Bad News Bears have announced that the team will remain for the next six weeks for an extended bootcamp in Poznań, Poland. During their stay, the team will look to take advantage of increased opportunities for quality practice, teambuilding, and to face a heightened level of competition compared to the list of teams they normally face.

The team's time in Poland should help the team iron out any kinks and improve their overall skill level after a mixed start to the year and a 0-3 exit from the PGL Antwerp Major Americas Minor.

While Bad News Bears are in Poland, they will be playing out of Tribe Esports Center, a bootcamp space that has been previously used by Filip "NEO" Kubski and HONORIS. The value of an extended stay in Europe can't be understated, as it gives teams an opportunity to scrim some of the world's best teams while also playing against dozens of Europe's quality tier two and tier three lineups in online cups.

Bad News Bears have already claimed an invite to one such event, Esport Tour 2022: Series 1, which is set to begin on April 20th. Bad News Bears are placed in Group C alongside Macedonian squad BLUEJAYS, Norwegian lineup 777, and Central Asian squad AVANGAR.

After taking advantage of the European competition, Bad News Bears will return to Europe in mid-May. Due to their bootcamp they will miss much of the ESL Challenger League Season 41 regular season, however the team tell that they intend on playing their matches in close succession when they return.

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