SHOOWTiME and zqkS spoke highly of their compatriots on Isurus

zqkS and SHOOWTiME: "The North American scene took a hit when VALORANT came out"

The pair discuss their dream of eventually reaching the Rio Major.' Dafydd Gwynn got the opportunity to speak to Gustavo "SHOOWTiME" and teammate translator Gonçalves Caio "zqkS" Fonseca about their fairytale run so far in the RMR, what they think of both the South American and North American scenes, and what it was like boot camping in Europe.

Coming into this RMR nobody was talking about Sao Caetano making it through; you're now 2-1 with a real chance to qualify. What would you say to the people that missed you out?

We have actually been working really hard, we did a very long boot camp in 1337Camp in Germany and we stayed there for like two weeks preparing and it was actually one of the best boot camps that we have ever had as a team. Also, we have a lot of experienced players, like us two, and we know that we can upset a lot of teams, especially the teams we know a lot about like the South American ones.

What do you guys hope to achieve as a team?

There is no doubt that the Major spot is the dream for us and that's really what we are looking for.

You've been able to play some of the other South American teams, what have you thought about their performances?

Expect for FURIA, who is one step ahead of every other Brazilian and South American team, all the other teams can beat each other on any day, so it doesn't really matter who we can beat.

You just played Isurus, they have some up-and-coming talents, how did you think they performed against you guys?

They are a very strong team, we usually face each other in Brazil a lot so we know how they play and they know how we play. They also did a boot camp at the same place we did so we got to hang out with them and we do like them a lot. They are a very good team and it's always a tough game against them.

Do you think they'll make it the Major as well?

I think so. Now it's a best of three, and teams always usually prefer playing best of threes. They have a chance, a really big chance.

Looking to the future there is the Rio Major coming up hopefully, are you guys expecting to be contesting for a legends spot?

It's already a dream to make a Major, especially a Major in Brazil, that is even more special. Obviously, we would like to make it but we want to take it step by step and just focus on qualifying for this Major and then hopefully qualify for the next.

Final question, what do you think about the NA teams and their performance so far?

I think the North American scene took a hit when VALORANT came out, their scene was affected a lot. Now they are in a process of rebuilding, it's getting better little by little, and as of right now most of the Brazilian teams are better right now other than Liquid and Complexity. In the general scene, Brazil is better right now but I think eventually NA CS will get stronger like they were in the past.

Sao Caetano is now 2-1 in the Americas RMR, they only need to win one best of three to qualify for the PGL Antwerp Major. The team have a difficult match for their next game, with the Brazilians matched up against Complexity, with the game to be played tomorrow at 08:45AM.

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