arcade and spek leave InControl due to strained team environment

Despite recent successes, arcade and spek found Andrew's attitude issues untenable.

John "arcade" Rogel and William "spek" Smith have left InControl, the duo have confirmed to Their departures from the successful ESEA Advanced squad marks the end of a core that rose to prominence after winning two Fragadelphia LAN events in the leadup to Fragadelphia 16.

At Fragadelphia 16 itself, InControl performed well despite not making it out of their group, which featured heavy hitters oNe and ATK. More recently, the team finished ESEA Advanced Season 40 in 7th-8th place following a close loss to Devin "AtomiK" Ferrell's Limitless lineup.

Despite all of this success and strong results, arcade told that he and spek made the decision to leave the team as Andrew "Andrew" Burrell's behavior was untenable. In particular, arcade mentioned that Andrew had a hard time communicating in a "non-toxic manner" and was prone to complaining during games or making "passive aggressive comments". As such, arcade said he didn't want to continue working with the team or consider returning to it unless Andrew seriously matured. attempted to corroborate these comments with spek however he did not respond to a request for comment.

arcade said that despite the interpersonal issues, he found his time on the team valuable and still viewed all of his former teammates as friends despite the strained working environment.

Andrew declined to comment to regarding arcade's comments about his attitude.

InControl are now:

  • United States Ken "krotomo" Otomo

  • United States Andrew "Andrew" Burrell

  • United States Alex "Khobs" Davis

  • United States Thomas "ExToSee" Johnson (coach)

InControl will look to find two new players before the start of ESEA Advanced Season 41 on April 25th.

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Played with this dude years ago. Looks like he hasn't grown up LOL
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