During his time with InControl, STRiiDER won the Chicago and Philadelphia Fragadelphia events

STRiiDER steps down from InControl

In his place, Khobs has returned to the squad after last playing with them during ESEA Advanced Season 37.

Jake "STRiiDER" MacDonald has stepped down from InControl due to personal matters, leaving the InControl lineup after first linking up with the core in July when they played as Synergy Reborn. In STRiiDER's place, InControl have reunited with Alex "Khobs" Davis, a longtime friend of the team who previously played with the core during ESEA Advanced Season 37.

During his time with InControl, the squad enjoyed a high level of success on LAN, winning both Fragadelphia 16: Philadelphia and Fragadelphia 16: Chicago, claiming $11,000 and a spot at Fragadelphia 16 in the process. At Fragadelphia 16, the team failed to make it out of an extremely competitive group, besting Stealth but falling to foreign squads ATK and oNe.

In ESEA Advanced Season 40, the team currently sit at the top of the standings with an 8-3 record, which makes the team all but certain to make playoffs barring a complete collapse in their last three matches.

As previously mentioned, Khobs will be taking over as the team's fifth, with Andrew "Andrew" Burrell telling Dust2.us they consider him to be a permanent addition for the time being.

InControl's roster is currently:

  • United States Ken "krotomo" Otomo

  • United States Andrew "Andrew" Burrell

  • United States John "arcade" Rogel

  • United States William "spek" Smith

  • United States Alex "Khobs" Davis

  • United States Thomas "ExToSee" Johnson (coach)

Khobs will be making his debut with InControl tonight against Limitless at 09:00PM in ESEA Advanced Season 40.

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