GODSENT look to breeze through the competition

Day 1 of the second NA RMR Open Qualifier wraps up

With the first four slots having been determined by the previous days' tournament, it's do or die for all these teams to grab the last three spots for NA in Romania

The first Open Qualifier booked the tickets of Complexity, Liquid, Bad News Bears, and oNe. With only three spots left, the rest of NA will be battling it out. With four of the heavyweights out of the picture in this second tournament, it's high time for teams like Evil Genuises and GODSENT to make their mark on the qualifier. Follow the bracket here.

08:10PM Day one concludes!

It was an exciting day with dozens of matches all taking place concurrently, however, at the end of it all, we get to see who emerges from the dust to fight another day. For the most part, the favorites breezed through their matches, taking down the mix teams in their path. There were, however, a few notable upsets. UYU took down Damian "daps" Steele's Orgless project in the round of 64. This sadly means that we will not be seeing the Canadian and his American posse in Romania to fight for a major slot. In addition, daps' former teammate "stanislaw" was also unable to make it to day two after his BHOP took a beating in the round of 32. All this sets up the bracket for Sunday's affairs, which are sure to be exciting! Don't miss our live coverage as well as our live stream which will be following the most interesting matches of the remaining 16 teams.

The opening matches on Sunday will be:

Party Astronauts vs DotMax
Brazen vs redditors
PHL Liberty vs Snakes

paiN vs Gaimin Gladiators
Fourth Quarter vs Third Impact
Evil Geniuses vs UYU
Carpe Diem vs Strife

06:15PM Round of 32 is live!

These are the final games being played today, if your favorite team is playing, try to catch them now! We'll see our most interesting matchups today in this round, so keep track!

Gaimin Gladiators 16-11 X13 - Lobby
LifeThruGaming 4-16 ATK - Lobby
GODSENT 16-12 ONET4P - Lobby
REIGN 6-16 Party Astronauts - Lobby
Third Impact 16-6 Kinship - Lobby
Limitless 5-16 Carpe Diem - Lobby
Evil Geniuses 16-5 Big Chillin - Lobby
Infinity 17-19 Brazen - Lobby
paiN 16-8 Hoe havers - Lobby
Strife 16-10 Cyber8 - Lobby
BHOP 5-16 DotMax - Lobby
Fourth Quarter 16-12 NuTorious - Lobby
ptr grandkids 13-16 UYU - Lobby
Omega 17-19 Snakes - Lobby

05:15PM The round of 64 has begun!

We're into the second half of day one now, and some spicy games are beginning to unfold. Of course, though, all the best teams want to make it into the second day, so keep posted for any sudden upsets or bangers.

Gaimin Gladiators 16-5 Unjustified - Lobby
X13 16-5 DankerMemerson - Lobby
GODSENT 16-0 REALiSTiC - Lobby
Kenn n da boys 3-16 ATK - Lobby
99esports 10-16 Limitless - Lobby
Carpe Diem 16-10 Mythic - Lobby
New Threat 7-16 Kinship - Lobby
Strife 16-0 HaikuSauce - Lobby
Evil Geniuses 16-4 Clarity - Lobby
Eros 11-16 paiN - Lobby
RMR GODSQUAD 6-16 Third Impact - Lobby
Bricked Up 1-16 ONET4P - Lobby
Omega 16-11 Hyperspace Dark - Lobby
Party Astronauts 16-5 CNCSUP - Lobby
InControl 11-16 Infinity - Lobby
DotMax 10-16 CLG Red - Lobby
UYU 16-14 Orgless - Lobby

04:30PM The round of 128 is underway!

Finally, we'll get to see some of the most exciting teams in this tournament play for the first time. The most interesting games are listed below, remember they're all best-of-ones, so anything is possible!

Carpe Diem 16-1 BRPORR4
Unjustified 16-2 DowntownAtlanta
Kinship 16-1 CelestialBeings
GOATEDwithSAUCE 5-16 Strife
99 Robbers 2-16 GODSENT
YeniCherry FF-L Kenn n da boys
Goomba Gaming 0-16 Third Impact
All Washed Up 7-16 Party Astronauts
Eros 16-4 Rootz Rat Pack
Mythic 16-11 BrokyWorshipers
Touch Point 16-9 Spooky Squad
UGK 9-16 LifeThruGaming - Lobby
Silvera 1-16 Evil Geniuses
ATK 16-3 Second City
DepressedAimers 4-16 ONET4P
BHOP 16-5 major winners - Lobby
Mark Ferguson 1-16 paiN

04:00PM Round of 256

Many of the highest-seeded teams get byes in this round as the lower-rated teams are whittled down. Here are some of the most interesting matches taking place in the Round of 256:

Party Astronauts 16-1 ExUnityGang
Eros 16-0 FKGDegen
CLG Red 16-1 Jasons Heroes
Lil Poggers 16-2 Wet N Wild
Stealth Esports 16-0 Rams eSports

03:30PM Second North American RMR Open Qualifier set to start

Over 200 teams have signed up for this second NA RMR. The top three teams will rise above the rest over the next two days to fly alongside Complexity, Liquid, Bad News Bears, and oNe to Bucharest to right for a spot at the PGL Antwerp Major 2022.

The tournament kicks off at 04:00PM and all of today's matches will be best-of-one affairs until the best-of-threes begin tomorrow. All of the matches will be single elimination brawls (except the third-place decider taking place tomorrow), so there's no room for mistakes as the best of NA fight for their last chance to earn a spot in Antwerp.

Some notable teams looking to come out on top these next two days include:

Evil Genuises

Carpe Diem
Party Astronauts

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March 12, 2022 05:15PM
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March 12, 2022 05:37PM
1 team from 3 of each of the following 4 groups will make it:
Group 1: Godsent, Party Astronauts, ATK, ONET4P, BHOP (2 EPL, 3 ECL, 4+ Adv Teams).
Group 2: InFinity, InControl, etc (0 EPL, 0 ECL, 8 Adv Teams)
Group 3: paiN, Gaimin Gladiator, X13, EROS, Third Impact (0 EPL, 5 ECL, 3+ Adv Teams)
Group 4: Evil Geniuses, Carpe Diem, Orgless, Strife (1 EPL, 3 ECL, 5+ Adv Teams)
Sucks that 3 of the top 5/6 teams are all in the first group and group 2 is super weak compared to the others, but one of the 4 groups won't get a team to advance anyways so I can't complain too much about the balance other than only one of Godsent and Party Astronauts are able to make it.
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