Take Flyte sign former Premier core helmed by zander

The Philadelphia-based organization have signed the core of this lineup despite a poor record last season.

Take Flyte, an American organization based in Philadelphia, have signed a new lineup based around the core that played ESEA Premier Season 38 as Eros. Rounding out the roster are former Rugratz IGL Alexander "zander" Diaz and Diego "sacrifice" Camacho.

The core of Umar "Umar" Qaiser, Israel "LEARSI" Vargas, and Ahmed "ayy" Mahmoud played ESEA Advanced Season 40 as Villainous, posting a rather unimpressive 5-9 record. It is worth noting, however, that their poor record is compounded by the team forfeiting their last two matches and overall pugging the season. The team also seems to have suffered with roster issues, fielding nine players over the course of twelve matches.

As for zander, he spent last season leading a new Rugratz lineup based around a young lineup of less experienced players. That squad narrowly failed to make playoffs with an 8-6 record. zander told Dust2.us that he decided to leave the project due to it not improving at a rate he was happy with.

The final member of the roster, sacrifice, is the least experienced, having only played a handful of maps in Advanced during the past three seasons.

Take Flyte are now:

  • United States Umar "Umar" Qaiser

  • United States Israel "LEARSI" Vargas

  • Canada Ahmed "ayy" Mahmoud

  • United States Alexander "zander" Diaz

  • United States Diego "sacrifice" Camacho

Take Flyte await the start of ESEA Advanced Season 41 on April 25th.

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