insane will be reuniting with two of his Third Impact teammates in this new team

insane forms new squad for ESEA Advanced Season 40

Earlybirds will soon be taking flight in Advanced.

Noah "insane" Eheart has announced his team for ESEA Advanced Season 40, featuring two of his former teammates on Third Impact, Austin "AJaxz" Janocha and Josiah "JoJo" Jimenez.

The team, going by the moniker Earlybirds, will be taking a more easygoing approach to the season, with insane expressing his desire to stream this season while his teammate Ajaxz clarified that he will be using this time to focus more on school during the spring semester.

The former Third Impact trio will first be joined by Venezuelan player Nelvin "nooz" Gonzalez, whose most recent experience on a team was a brief stint with Verum back in November, only playing one Cash Cup with the squad before the disbanding of the organization. More recently, he acted as a stand-in for Bradley "Slugy" Kohler's Limitless in the ESEA x Fragadelphia Winter Cash Cup 2, where the team was swiftly dispatched in the second round by Party Astronauts.

The final slot in this squad is being filled by youngster Dwight "Calix" Nguyen, who most recently helped Valors to a solid fourth-place finish in the previous season of ESEA Advanced, although he was unable to join them in ESL Challenger League Season 40 due to being under the age of 16.

Calix's most recent showing was with Eric "ERIC" W., now of Mythic, on the mix-team umomd, which saw them land a respectable quarter-final finish, taking down heavy-hitters Triumph and Levitate along the way.

Earlybirds field the following roster:

  • United States Noah "insane" Eheart

  • United States Austin "AJaxz" Janocha

  • United States Josiah "JoJo" Jimenez

  • Nelvin "nooz" Gonzalez

  • Dwight "Calix" Nguyen

This new squad will see their debut soon, as they are set to play their first match in ESEA Advanced Season 40 against Snakes DenGG on January 31st.

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