PwnAlone and company had a tougher time in the latter matches of the first day

Party Astronauts and RBG headline second day of ESEA x Fragadelphia Winter Cash Cup 2

ESL Challenger squads ultimately came out on top after a lengthy first day.

The first day of the second ESEA x Fragadelphia Winter Cash Cup has wrapped up, with Party Astronauts and Strife featured in the first semifinal matchup of day two. The opposite side of the bracket saw RBG and ONET4P each lock in their spot in the other semifinal match.

Day one of this Cash Cup was a bloodbath, with 95 different squads brawling for the chance to move on to the second day. Those looking forward to the debut of Damian "daps" Steele's Orgless at this event will be disappointed, as the team ultimately opted to skip this tournament in order to practice with Liquid before the latter's departure from North America.

It didn't take very long for big names to be taken down in this event, as Triumph and Bad News Bears were put to a stop within the second round. Triumph were the victims of umomd, a mix-team featuring former Valors player Dwight "Calix" Nguyen, while the new-look Bad News Bears, who were utilizing Nathan "madcow" Retterath in place of Alan "Shakezullah" Hardeman, were thrashed by Kinship Black.

Bad News Bears and Triumph weren't the only familiar faces to struggle in this tournament. The freshly updated X13 roster featuring Paul "aris" Wilson had their quarterfinal dreams dashed by InControl, and Eros fell to the hands of fellow ESL Challenger side ONET4P.

This event wasn't all doom and gloom for the favorite squads. Party Astronauts cleared their first two games with ease, but they did have to put in work in their games against Touch Point and InControl in order to claim their semifinal spot. RBG was in a similar spot, sweeping their first two matches only to play two nailbiter games against NA>EU KEKW and cs to assure their spot in the second day of the event.

Strife's path to the semifinals was not a strenuous one, as no opponent they encountered was able to take double-digit rounds off them. The last semifinal spot was filled by ONET4P, who put a stop to Big Chillin in order to acquire their spot.

The semifinal matchups are as follows:

United States Party Astronauts vs. United States Strife

United States RBG vs. United States ONET4P

The second day of the ESEA x Fragadelphia Winter Cash Cup 2 will pick up today at 4:00 pm EST, with the remaining matches being played out in the BO3 format.

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Dust2 Birthday cake!
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January 16, 2022 03:24PM
Pretty sick top 4. I think it might be a Pol0 40 bomb
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