Third Impact disband as Danejoris joins Triumph

Danejoris will reunite with viz and grape in his new home.

Keanu "Danejoris" Reyes has left Third Impact to link up with Triumph after more than two years with the organization. Additionally, as the team no longer has two players from last season, Josiah "JoJo" Jimenez is also on the lookout for a new squad for Season 40.

Third Impact narrowly missed out on qualifying to ESL Challenger League Season 40 after losses to Strife and X13 in ESEA Premier Season 39 Relegation. This failure to qualify to Challenger League was the beginning of a general exodus from the team, with Noah "insane" Eheart, Austin "Ajaxz" Janocha, and Kyle "Wolffe" Greenfield all departing over the course of the player break.

Danejoris told that the burden of finding three new players was what ultimately led the team to dissolve, as they were unable to assemble a workable lineup to scrim with. As such, Danejoris and JoJo were left to pursue individual offers.

As a result of this change, Danejoris will reunite with former Third Impact teammates Wesley "viz" Harris and Brennan "grape" Greer while also having the opportunity to work with Calvin "becker" Becker once again.

Regarding Third Impact's future in CS:GO, the organizations' owner Kenneth "sp0rk" McGaffey told that Third Impact is looking at their options and and would like to continue working with Danejoris in some way.

Triumph are now:

  • United States Wesley "viz" Harris

  • United States Jeff "RZU"Ngo

  • United States Jack "xCeeD" Holiman

  • United States Brennan "grape" Greer

  • United States Keanu "Danejoris" Reyes

  • United States Calvin "becker" Becker (Coach)

This new Triumph made their debut in ESEA x Fragadelphia Winter Cash Cup 2, where the team shockingly bombed out of the event following a second round loss to Fernando "chuti" Luis Planchart's umomd.

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