The second prestigious league in North America sees its second (and last!) open qualifier kick off

First day of ECS Season 6 Open Qualifier #2 complete

78 teams enter. Eight remain. Only two will qualify.

The second ECS Season 6 open qualifier has kicked off, with the bracket narrowing down to the round of four. Oddly, this qualifier did not feature Swole Patrol, who were knocked out of the quarter-finals in the previous open bracket.

Most matchups went as expected, with MDL teams and MDL mixes making their way to the best-of-three rounds. When the bracket reached the round-of-16, a bloodbath ensued with multiple MDL teams and mixes being eliminated. 

MDL playoffs contender fell to lmfaooo, a mix featuring Austin "RenZ" Dickman and Ian "motm" Hardy, 16-9 on Mirage. Vault, one of MDL's newest teams, fell to ETHEREAL, who were using Test Takers' David "Toy" Han, 16-13 on Cache. Finally, ex-Velocity were taken down by Fam143 on Mirage.

While only in Main currently, CLG Red were also notably eliminated in the best-of-16 by cantwinalan. The female team put up a decent fight but were unable to reach double-digits, losing on Nuke 16-9 to the BlackOut mix.

The quarterfinal matchups that will play out tonight are:

United States blitz vs. United States lmfaooo
United States ETHEREAL vs. United States Blight
United States AZIO vs. United States cantwinalan
United States Vision vs. United States Fam143

The quarterfinals will play out later tonight at 6PM EDT, with four matches being played in a best-of-three. The semifinals will play out shortly afterwards, which will narrow the qualifier to its last two teams.

The two teams will then proceed to the ECS Season 6 Challenger Cup, where they will meet compLexity (and probably oNe), as well as Bravado and Gorilla Gang, who qualified from the last open qualifier.

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