Infinite and ownage have been toiling through the lower bracket in Philadelphia

Infinite: "ryx just didn't work out, attitude-wise"

The Dignitas player doesn't have his full team around him, but that isn't stopping him from putting on a show in Philadelphia.

We caught up with Dignitas member Gage "Infinite" Green, who is participating in Fragadelphia as part of the ownage mix team. He spoke about his career over the past year, his time with CLG Academy, the recent roster changes in Dignitas, and other topics.

You're here with a mix, so what were your expectations coming into the event?

When we first came in our expectation was just to try to keep winning and make the finals. We kind of hit a bump in the road with Swole Patrol because we banned into their best map, but I think we know what we are doing now after that mistake.

You've had a meteoric rise over the past year since the last Fragadelphia, so let's go back to your time with CLG Academy...

Are you sure you want to go back to those times?

Of course! Just talk me through what that was like playing with that team.

Honestly I didn't even think I was going to get to MDL before up until now, I thought it was going to take a lot longer. I feel like the one thing that got me into CLG Academy and MDL was beating them on LAN. At my first LAN, beating an MDL team, I think that made them think like "oh, we should try this kid out." Because I think mcs quit to go play with friends, so that gave me headway into a team.

What was your time like with CLG Academy?

Obviously we got relegated, so... The team atmosphere wasn't terrible, I just think that, even myself, I had an attitude issue that I wasn't made aware of by teammates before. But since joining Dignitas, people have been really helpful and made me self aware of how I say things and communicate. I think that is part of why we failed [on CLG Academy], because some people on that team didn't do that well with knowing how to say what and how. Those are great guys, I love those guys, it was one of the funniest teams I've been on. It was a good learning experience.

Can you compare the level of support you received from CLG to the support currently from Dignitas?

Non-existent compared to very existent *laughs*. CLG said they would give us support, but nothing came true really. The only thing that happened was giving us gear, which wasn't even anything special.

So what does Dignitas do for you? Have you done a bootcamp yet?

No, we were going to do one after Grim got done with high school for the year, but then we had the Minor. It wasn't unexpected that we could make it, but it was a bit of a surprise that we did. We were going to bootcamp here in Philadelphia at the 76er's facilities, but we never got around to it because of timing. And then everything happened after MDL with people getting cut.

Is there anything about people being cut you can go into, or is it too soon?

Grim obviously has insane talent. The team didn't work out for him because I feel like we put him in spots where he couldn't shine, he's kinda a star player, and we put him into a role player position. It just didn't work. His communication needs to improve, but he's really good, he's really bright, he understands. And then ryx... I don't know man. Got a lot to say, but I don't know if I want to create drama. ryx just didn't work out, attitude-wise.

In the wake of that you have been playing gMd and TenZ, how has that been going? You've played a couple online things with them so far.

It felt really good to play with younger players that listen to you. That was something we had a problem with with some people on our team, previously. Having them on the team, they bring the atmosphere up, they're funny guys and really chill. They take things very seriously.

Were you surprised to get the call from Dignitas originally?

Yeah. mCe was joking with me back when I was on Etherian, because we were scrimming and I dropped a whole bunch of kills on them every time we played. Matt told me "Gage, I'm going to get you on this team one day." I really appreciated what he was saying, and he said he would run it by [Dignitas coach] shinobi. Nothing ever happened, but that was how I got my foot in the door, because Grim recommended me after things didn't work out with roca and a2z.

Talk me through how shinobi is as a coach.

He's good, he does a lot of our strat building and team exercises. He's the guy to go to if we have a question. He does what you expect a coach to do, be there to help improve not just the team but players individually.

Do you view this as a new era for the team, now that the last original SoaR member is no longer in the starting lineup?

I think it is a new chapter if you ever make a roster change, its bringing in something new, turning the page, seeing if things work out in the end. I hope its a new chapter, I hope its a better chapter.

Obviously your MDL season didn't wind up how you wanted it to, what are the expectations for Season 29?

Just make Pro League. Our expectation was to make the finals last season, but it just didn't matter, you know? It was just a put on a show season. Good for Vision and Bravado, but the season didn't matter too much to us.

Would you prefer there not be a training season at all?

Yeah, I think everybody would say that.

What are you up to in life outside of CS?

It's just CS constantly. I dropped out of school when I was eighteen, and had a real job after that. I was planning to get my GED, but since I joined Dignitas I've just been focusing on Counter-Strike non-stop. That is my main priority.

Infinite and ownage are waiting for the result of the match between Excelerate and to determine who their Round 7 opponent will be.

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