A difference of opinion in team direction has led to tiz departing the ex-Atmosphere roster.

tiz steps down from ex-Atmosphere roster

ex-Atmosphere continues to deflate, as tiz departs for greener pastures.

ex-Atmosphere player Ludovic "tiz" Emond announced his departure from the roster in a Twitlonger late yesterday, citing a difference in visions for the team being paramount in his decision.

The young Canadian player went on to explain that the departure of Jonathan "Jonji" Carey and Joshua "Hunter" Madore, after losing to ex-Iceberg in MDL playoffs, was a compounding result that further disheartened him and led to his departure.

tiz closed out his public statement with a positive sentiment for his ex-teammates:

To end this in a proper way, I'd like to thank all the Atmosphere team and everyone who supported me. Also, I want to wish good luck and greatness to Krz, Blackice, Jonji, Hunter in their future projects. Our team was something boys.

The presumed ex-Atmosphere roster can be found below, though it should be noted that GMAN was not an active part of the roster at the end of last season:

  • Canada Dion "Bl4ckiice" Mckenzie
  • Canada Alfonso "krZ" Fiorani
  • United States Gabriel "GMAN" Ordaz

With ESEA MDL Season 28 quickly approaching, the ex-Atmosphere roster will now be looking to fill (at least) two vacant spots in their roster in just a months time.

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April 19, 2018 12:15PM
Cuze to ATM
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April 20, 2018 09:42AM
A great team with alot of potential falls apart. Such is the life of NA MDL FeelsBadMan
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